David Tennant- Doctor Who Midnight / BBC
David Tennant- Doctor Who Midnight / BBC

Last Sunday saw the second and final panel for David Tennant at the Wizard World con in Raleigh, North Carolina in which he answered many a question, and a lot about Doctor Who. One fan wanted to know David’s thoughts on the creepy and very clever episode, Midnight, from series four, and in particular wanted to know what is was like to make and was it creepy?

David compared it to a stage play; he even stated that it may have already been made into a play because it takes place in one location. “Once you are on that bus that’s it. It’s very contained and it was a very cheap episode. It’s just a bunch of actors in a room and from an acting point of view, that’s fantastic. It got very intense,” he said.

Doctor Who - Series 4 - Midnight - Lesley Sharp and David Tennant (c) BBC
Doctor Who – Series 4 – Midnight – Lesley Sharp and David Tennant (c) BBC

But it wasn’t a smooth start for the episode, as David informed that the script had only just been received. But Russell T. Davies was not happy with it and said he “would take the weekend and come up with something better”. Davies then sat down and wrote the script in just 48 hours “and it’s one of the best ones we did!” David confirmed.

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One of the reasons it was the best was down to its cast, which included Lesley Sharp as Sky Silvestry, David Troughton (son of second Doctor Patrick Troughton) as Professor Hobbes and this young kid. “I do remember thinking,” David continued, “who’s that kid over there, this new boy who was being amazing in the corner. Five minutes later he’s playing Merlin, that’s Colin Morgan.”

So the stage is set. It’s all going on in one room, one intense situation and a great cast “with this banana’s creepy script,” David added. “Which again was unlike anything else and in the end you never actually found what it was. It was a good one to do. It’s been one of my favourites ever since,” he concluded.

So when someone repeats what you say, David was then asked, “does it freak you out?

“It will always freak me out”, he replied.

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