Spy in the Wild is one of the most fascinating and innovative documentaries ever created. Produced by John Downer Productions and narrated by David Tennant, millions of people tuned in for a chance to get up close and personal with the animals.

Ever wonder how the whole process works or how it’s done? John Downer Productions and Spy in the Wild team invite you to join them in the behind the scenes episode, “Meet the Spies” This is where the magic happened.

Don’t miss your chance to explore how the spy creatures were made. Also get a first-hand look at how each shot was conducted and all the bumps and bruises the team had to go through to captured the magnificent moments.

Catch Spy in the Wild: Meet the Spies tonight at 7:30PM on BBC One and tomorrow at 8:30PM on BBC Two in Wales. 
Official Synopsis 

Full of funny and unexpected moments, this episode illustrates the painstaking work that goes into building the lifelike models, before the Spy Creatures are deployed around the world.

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We join the crew as they build and practice with Spy Crocodile before he goes on his first mission along the banks of the treacherous River Nile, dodging hippos and elephants along the way. He’s joined by the Spy baby Crocs, who as seen in episode one went on to be destroyed by a new mother crocodile wishing to take them to water along with their own babies, much like Spy Tortoise when he is tested by the elephants.

Spy Egret meets the elephants of Kenya and Spy Hippo swims among dangerous real hippos and crocodiles, but we discover what happens when things go wrong and he gets stuck…

The Spy Creatures also come face to face with people, as local children find the Jewel cameras in amongst the Bowerbirds and take them home, and Spy Crocodile comes to the rescue when a little boy gets his model boat stuck in the middle of a pond.

We also reveal some of the crews’ filming stories – including a leopard attack while filming wild dogs, as well the thieving arctic wolves!

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