Happy Tennant Tuesday! This week we’ll take a look at David Tennant’s interview with Magic Radio.

During his run of Don Juan in Soho, David Tennant takes a little time off to sit down with Magic Radio to talk about a variety of topics ranging from his film, Mad to be Normal, to his insights about Doctor Who.

Touching on the topic of Mad to be Normal, the film is a reunion between he and Michael Gambon from Harry Potter days. Tennant talks a little bit about his character before moving on to Doctor Who. He teased us that the new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, gave him some insights on the direction the show is going but we won’t get any more out of him.

Tennant also expresses his enthusiasm about the wildly successful American musical on Broadway, Hamilton, which he saw in New York earlier last year. The presenter thinks Tennant should dip his toes into musical and he could even play the British King, but Tennant disagrees, “there are people who can sing. Let’s get some of them in

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Enjoy the videos below.

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