Happy Tennant Tuesday! If you’re in the US, we hope you caught the once-in-a-lifetime event of total solar eclipse. Here’s something else you only see once in several years – David Tennant in a fast car on a track.

It has been 10 years since the last time Mr. Tennant put on his helmet and hit a race track, not to mention breaking the third gear. Now the former Time Lord is back on Top Gear and this time with a lot faster car. Tennant is accompanied by the grumpy Top Gear co-host, Chris Harris, who has the pleasure to diss Peter Davison before his son-in-law puts a full stop on the insult. It’s all for a good fun before the real fun starts.

If you’ve ever seen a kid in candy store, you’ll see a similar one here too, only it’s a (then) 45-year-old Scotsman having a time of his life while his instructor is praying for his. After daring at a couple turns and nearly caused Chris Harris a heart attack, both men come out unscathed.

However, things go sideways when Tennant is left alone. He decided to get a practice lap in before the actual timed lap starts, as a result, he dents the brand new Toyota GT86. In his defense, “anything that doesn’t disable the vehicle doesn’t count as an accident

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After all said and done, Tennant’s lap time was 1:44:0. He’s currently holding strongly at 3rd place behind Sir Chris Hoy and Max Whitlock. Well done, Mr. Tennant, well done.

Tennant didn’t break third gear but he did dent the car. We might need to wait another 10 years to see him back on the track.

Enjoy the sneak peek below

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