David Tennant has been very busy this week with DuckTales promo. Tonight, the new Scrooge McDuck stops by The Late Show on CBS.

David Tennant returns to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the second time. His last visit was during his US stage debut of Richard II in 2016. Joining Tennant are Robert Pattinson and Niecy Nash, both making their first debuts on the programme.

Sporting in a sharp black tailored suit with a black skinny tie paired with lovely pink socks, David Tennant shows his support of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, “I’m delighted. It’s brilliant. I can’t think of someone better to join the gang” David also recalls watching Doctor Who as a kid, “it was hugely important to me because it was a show where the hero wasn’t a jock. I love Bond, too but I could be the Doctor, turned out I was!

Colbert mentions about Broadchurch and wonders why British series are so short despite how successful they are. David says it’s a British thing where people abandon anything that works, as he jokingly brings up “Brexit”

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The interview wraps with David reading quotes by both Scrooge McDuck and Donald Trump in Scrooge McDuck voice. That receives a lot of giggles all around.

Watch the interview below.

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