US fans, the wait is over. Now you can own season three of one of the best British crime dramas, Broadchurch. 

Broadchurch season three is set to be released on Amazon US on September 12, but it is available to pre order now for $28 (DVD), so far there isn’t an option for Blu Ray yet.

Broadchurch welcomes back David Tennant’s grumpy Alec Hardy and his bickering partner Olivia Colman’s Ellie Miller. This time the pair returns to Broadchurch to investigate a serious sexual assault.

The final season of Broadchurch is currently airing on BBC America and is drawing close to the conclusion.

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The hit crime drama aired in the UK in February and concluded on April 17th earning ITV’s highest rating show so far this year.

For more information on Broadchurch 3, visit our dedicated pages.

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