David Tennant has played numerous parts on television. This section of the site covers his non-Doctor Who work. We have started out with a few of his key roles and will continue to document his full list of characters.

The list is long and each character that David Tennant portrays is unique. Spend some time catching up on his previous work in TV.

New Projects 

These projects are planned for 2017. We will continue to update these pages with information as more become available.

GARD Pro Not Registered
  • Broadchurch Series 3 (2017) Starts filming summer 2016

Previously Screened Programmes

David’s many TV acting roles that have already appeared on TV screens. We are continually updating the site with more information where it becomes available so check back frequently.

Since the list of David Tennant’s TV roles is long and extensive, we are still compiling information. Below is a list of roles that we have not documented at this time. But check back frequently. We are continually updating the site.
  • Rex Is Not Your Lawyer
  • Extras
  • Comic Relief Sketch
  • Trust
  • Conjuring Shakespeare
  • The Brown Man
  • Bunch of Five
  • Strathblair
  • Anti-Smoking film