The Doctor lands on Tracy Island for Saturday’s episode of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’.

In the penultimate episode of its second series, ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ will play host to a familiar voice. David Tennant will guest star as Tycho Reeves, inventor of the Hypercar. But things quickly go awry and Reeves must use some Brains to save the day. The episode, ‘Hyperspeed’ will air this Saturday at 8:30am on CITV with another airing on ITV at 12:45.

Guest Stars

Tennant isn’t the only Who alum joining the ranks of International Rescue. Mark Gatiss made an appearance back in September as Professor Quentin Questa. Jenna Coleman had a role in the second series premiere playing Baines. We’ve also had a future inhabitant of the Whoniverse show up in the form of Sharon D Clarke, voicing Fire Chief Cass McCready. Clarke is currently filming in the upcoming eleventh series of Doctor Who.

Don’t miss ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ on Saturday morning to catch Tycho Reeves in action.

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