In Episode 2 of The Politician’s Husband, things get really nasty.

It is all about power. Who has it. Who’s lost it, and what will they do to keep it.

Freya Gardner has had her taste of real power. She likes it and wants to keep it. Even if it means publicly humiliating her husband Aiden in front of the nation and working with the man that has double-crossed and deceived him.

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Aiden Hoynes has lost his high flying political career. His wife has betrayed his trust. He is deeply hurt. His pride is shattered, and he feels powerless. He asserts his power and control over Freya in the most abhorrent manner that can happen between a couple. In a scene that is intense and disturbing, he physically and sexually attacks his wife. The lies, deceit and manipulation that follows the attack further erodes their marriage.

There are glimmers of hope. Aiden smiles with pride at Freya’s successful speech in the House and Freya comforts her husband after Noah, their son, almost dies in Aiden’s care. But for the most part, the episode spotlights the disintegration of a marriage.

The dialogue can be clunky and melodramatic, but David Tennant and Emily Watson both shine with their compelling and impressive performances.

Episode 2 of The Politician’s Husband airs on BBC Two, Thursday, 2nd May at 9pm. For more details on the programme, see our dedicated pages.


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