From the moment he captured our hearts with “Barcelona” to the moment he left us heartbroken with “I don’t wanna go” Join us in celebration as Series Three marks David Tennant’s 10 years anniversary since his Doctor met Martha Jones.

Having witnessed the making of new species – the Human-Dalek hybrid, the Doctor has no idea what he’s dealing with. Being the first of its kind, Dalek Sec is now in a human form and he’s declaring the new future.

But is there more to this new kind of Dalek than meets the eyes? We’re here to find out in the conclusion of this New York adventure. Here are 10 things we learned about “Evolution of the Daleks”

Dalek Sec (Eric Loren) – Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
1. Emergency Temporal Shift

The Daleks seem to master in escaping and surviving the extinction time and time again. The Doctor learns that they used emergency temporal shift to escape in “Doomsday” but that left them out of power which is why they stuck in 1930’s New York City.

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2. Humans are very Dalek

Emerging in a brand new form of being, Dalek Sec experiences humanity for the first time. He can now feel all the emotions, the ambition, the hatred, the aggression and war. He might be confused but he’s certain about one thing: at heart, humans are very Dalek.

Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
3. This is new

The Doctor and a few prisoners are able to escape from the Daleks but not for long. Shortly after, they find themselves surrounded. To assure everyone’s safety, the Doctor offers himself in exchange for their lives. The Daleks see the opportunity to destroy their biggest enemy once and for all.

But wait, the brand new Dalek Sec wants him alive instead. This comes as a surprise to the Doctor and even the Daleks themselves.

Daleks just changed their minds. Daleks never change their minds“, says the Doctor.

Dalek Sec (Eric Loren) & The Doctor (David Tennant) – Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
4. I want your genius

Turns out, Dalek Sec needs the Doctor’s help in creating a new race of Daleks. The Doctor’s knowledge of genetic engineering is greater than of Daleks. Dalek Sec realises that the future of the Daleks might very well depending on the Doctor. It’s very rare that we get to see a Dalek shows vulnerability, to its biggest enemy of all people.

To further surprise the Doctor, Dalek Sec also needs the Doctor’s help in finding a new planet for the new race of Daleks where they can survive and thrive. Dalek Sec admits that the ability to feel emotions make him see things more clearly.

Removing the emotions makes you stronger, that’s what your creator thought all those years ago“, says the Doctor.

However, the Doctor/Sec team-up is cut short after the other 3 Daleks disagreed with what they’re doing. They reverse the gene feed which will turn the human shells to 100% Daleks instead of a new breed with emotions.

5. Girl talk part 2.

While trying to figure out what’s going on with the Empire State building’s blueprints, Tallulah and Martha are having another girl talk. Now is a better time than any for Martha to share what she thinks she is portrayed in the Doctor’s eyes.

Sometimes I say something or do something and he looks at me, and I just think that he’s not seeing me. He’s just remembering

Tallulah won’t let Martha steal her thunder of sadness, she’s the one who has a man-pig for a boyfriend.

Giggle worthy: while coming up the lift with Laszlo, the Doctor goes “first floor, Perfumery” in the manner of a department store lift attendant. He always finds humour in any situation.

Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
6. Got power?

With Dalekaniums already in place, the Doctor is racing against time to prevent the disaster from happening. While Martha, Frank, Tallulah, and Laszlo are fighting for their lives, the Doctor is risking his.

Failing to remove all of the Dalekaniums, the Doctor has no choice but to risk it all and get between the lightning and Dalekaniums. The Gamma strike knocks him out but he’s able to survive the ordeal. The Doctor has superbrain as a weapon, let’s add the ability to withstand lightning strikes to the list of his superpowers.

7. Stop lying around, Doctor.

This episode marks the 3rd time we see the Doctor on his back and unconscious while Martha comes to his rescue. The first time in “Smith and Jones” after getting his blood sucked dry, Martha literally gave him her last breath. Then it was during “The Shakespeare Code” after the Doctor was struck in the heart by a witch and Martha was able to get one of his hearts start again. And this time, the Doctor is barely alive after getting struck by lightning. Martha comes back with his sonic screwdriver and is by his side. Martha is truly a doctor at heart, let’s hope she doesn’t get tired of looking after this troubled Time Lord.

The Doctor (David Tennant) – Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
8. Time Lord DNA

The Doctor interfered with the Gamma strike, now the Dalek gene has Time Lord DNA mixed in. The new breed of humans is no longer 100% Daleks, they are Daleks with emotions and a little bit of freedom.

After witnessing Dalek Sec being murdered by his own kind, The Doctor gambles his life on the human-Daleks. His bet pays off after completely avoids being executed when the new breed starts asking questions and disobeying the orders.

The battle broke out between the human-Daleks and the 2 Daleks leaving both sides completely destroyed, resulting in no survivors.

Doctor Who “Daleks in Manhattan” ©BBC
9. Only one of you

After the dust settles, the entire Dalek species have been wiped out, leaving Dalek Caan as the only one left in the universe. The Doctor has seen too much death and destruction which should send anger running through his veins, instead, he offers a helping hand.

Right now you’re facing the only man in the universe who might show you some compassion. ‘Cause I’ve just seen one genocide. I won’t cause another. Caan, let me help you

Refusing to accept the offer, Dalek Caan uses emergency temporal shift to slip through the Doctor’s fingers once again.

The Doctor (David Tennant) – Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC
10. The Doctor is in!

Laszlo is on the brink of death. To escape the same fate as the other pig slaves, the Doctor is his only hope. There is one thing we know about the Doctor – nothing can stop him when he’s determined.

Just you watch me! There’s been too many deaths today. Way too many people have died. Brand new creatures and wise old men and age-old enemies. And I’m telling you, I’m telling you right now. I am not having one more death! You got that? Not one! Tallulah, out of the way. The Doctor is in!

Doctor Who “Evolution of the Daleks” ©BBC

Despite being a family friendly show, “Evolution of the Daleks” contains many heavy subjects – the violence, the Depression, the death and destruction, and the talk about the war.

The Doctor has seen yet another genocide and his shoulders get even heavier. The last Time Lord and the Daleks will always be enemies, that will never change.

Nevertheless, this episode concludes a Dalek story just to leave it open for another possibility of their return.

That Dalek that got away. I know what that means to you. Do you think you’ll ever see it again?

Oh, yes. One day

There you have it. These are 10 things we learned about “Evolution of the Daleks” Next time, the Doctor finally takes Martha home. The bad luck tux returns as the Doctor meets the Jones family. Someone is cheating death but not everyone is willing to pay the price to stay young. Hold on to your youth and run with the Doctor in “The Lazarus Experiment”
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