After a successful world premiere at Glasgow Film Festival in February, Mad to be Normal is now released at selected cinemas around the UK.

The reviews are in, David Tennant as R.D. Laing captured a lot of attention and Mad to be Normal offers a peek at a life of the world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist.

The Guardian review by Peter Bradshaw

The Guardian gives Mad to be Normal a 4 stars out of 5, calling Tennant’s Laing as “one of his best performances” and praises Gabriel Byrne and Michael Gambon “excellent

Screen Daily

Screen Daily is impressed with Tennant’s take on Laing “his Laing is both commanding and nurturing, provocative and playful” and “as memorable as Liam Neeson’s turn as sexual research pioneer Alfred Kinsey

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Express by Allan Hunter

Express gives Mad to be Normal 4 out of 5 stars “Tennant offers a spot-on evocation of mercurial figure” and praises his performance “commanding” and “deserves to be remembered come awards season” Hunter calls Gabriel Byrne “a heartbreaker of a performance” and Michael Gambon’s performance “touching

Flickering Myth by Amie Cranswick

Flickering Myth gives it 4 stars, calls Mad to be Normal “an assured piece of filmmaking, capable of evoking an emotional reaction raging laughter to anger” and “Tennant’s charismatic performance draws attention to the way cinema can bring an acceptability to ideas and individuals that is otherwise alien

The Times by Ed Patton

The Times gives Mad to be Normal a 4 stars review, calling Tennant’s performance “unsentimental humanity, flamboyant flaws”

However, not everyone agrees.

Hollywood Reporter review by Stephen Dalton

Hollywood Reporter calls Robert Mullan’s directing debut “slightly clunky, simplistic bio-drama“, “plainly hobbled by his slender budget and limited directing chops” and calling the film “cheaply invoked with long hair, garish clothes and psychedelic blues-rock, the Austin Powersclichés of the era

However, Hollywood Reporter praises the lead actor “Tennant replicates Laing’s louche mannerisms, florid speaking style and magnetic charm with forensic precision” and the final ruling “Mad to Be Normal is a fine showcase for Tennant’s acting skills but a partial, selective portrait of a cult figure who deserves a much more thorough probing on the cinematic couch

Flickreel review by Stefan Pape

Flickreel gives Mad to be Normal a 3 stars out of 5, calls David Tennant’s performance “impressive” and “charisma and affability” but calls the film “struggles to transcend the usual biopic fodder

Mad to be Normal is screening now at selected cinemas. Visit Mad to be Normal website for screenings near you.

Mad to be Normal is heading across the pond to the US for Newport Beach Film Festival in California on April 20-27.
For more information on Mad to be Normal, visit our dedicated pages. 

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