Disney, you did it again! DuckTakes premiered today and the response has been wonderful.

Premiering on Disney XD, DuckTales reboot was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint. With newly animated and all new cast, DuckTales is a great fun adventure you should totally make a point of watching.

Airing for 24 hours straight started at midnight, the one-hour movie event, “Woo-oo!” was nothing short of high-octane action-packed for kids and adults alike. David Tennant as the new voice of Scrooge McDuck, was full of energy and enthusiasm but maintained the grumpy tone of an old rich Duck who has been there and done that. Alan Young would have been proud.

DuckTales – ©DisneyXD

The 3 nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynahan) were blessed with completely different personalities despite being a triplet. They no longer dressed alike and even went away with the hats. The trio bounced off each other so naturally like they’re actual siblings.

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The supporting cast was sublime as well. Toks Olagundoye as Mrs. Beakley, the part housekeeper part bodyguard is the mum everyone needs. Launchpad, hilariously played by Beck Bennett, provided great comic relief but he’s a hero in his own rights. Kate Micucci’s Webby, kicks butt with her winning and enthusiastic attitude. And of course Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo) as an overprotective uncle who doesn’t always see eye to eye with Scrooge.

DuckTales – ©DisneyXD

DuckTales’ “Woo-oo” is a 43-minute full of humour, clever dialogues, non-stop actions which are perfect for everyone in the family. Children can enjoy the adventure while adults can appreciate the grown up jokes, best of both worlds.

We can now welcome the reboot of the beloved DuckTales with open arms. Welcome to the new generation of Indiana Jones-meet-Modern Family of DuckTales!

You kids are nothing but trouble! Curse me kilts have I missed trouble!

DuckTales will officially start the new series with 2 new episodes on September 23rd on Disney XD.
You can watch “Woo-oo!” for free with Disney XD app.

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