The investigation into a sexual assault case continued on ITV last night. Broadchurch series three episode three was a confusing puzzle that’s slowly being pieced together beautifully.


Last week’s episode fizzled a little but episode three came back with vengeance. It was nothing short of a masterpiece of compelling story-telling. Broadchurch series three finally has a solid direction.

Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) & Alec Hardy (David Tennant) – Broadchurch S03 E03 ©ITV

Hardy (David Tennant) and Miller (Olivia Colman) faced a growing list of suspects and each suspect grew their own list of suspicious activities. The duo combed through town looking for answers but they came back with even more questions. Broadchurch kept it fresh with the interactions between the two detectives. Miller grows accustomed to keeping track of Hardy’s habit and Hardy is the stubborn child who refuses to eat. The dynamic between them became even more glorified and it unquestionably served as the driving force of this episode.

Series one forged the perfect whodunnit mould and episode three encouragingly followed it. We put on our detective hats following Hardy and Miller and soon realised that each suspect has a story but their stories are not to be taken likely. Whether it was Ian Winterman’s (Charlie Higson) real story from the night of the party, Clive Lucas’ (Sebastian Armesto) whereabouts, Ed Burnett’s (Lenny Henry) alibi, and Jim Atwood’s (Mark Bezeley) motive. Everything we thought we knew about them simply got thrown out the window.

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Cath Atwood (Sarah Parish) & Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh) – Broadchurch S03 E03 ©ITV

Suspects aren’t the only ones with something to hide. The anonymous threatening text sent Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) over the edge but she still won’t reveal the man she slept with the morning of the party. Her beachside stroll with Cath (Sarah Parish) revealed that she genuinely couldn’t remember her attacker. But now she’s unsure whether she knew him or not. Our curiosity is off the charts and Trish needs to come clean soon.

Broadchurch isn’t a stranger to emotionally heightened moments and there were plenty last night. Hardy let the case got under his skin, “you know what’s bothering me about this case? It makes me ashamed to be a man.” Trish and Beth shared a moment of struggle and self-blame. Mark hopelessly brewed in his own guilt and self-doubt. He’s a ticking time bomb.

DC Katie Harford (Georgina Campbell) – Broadchurch S03 E03 ©ITV

If there was one person worth winning a redemption award, it’s DC Harford (Georgia Campbell) She’s still painfully unlikable but she has proved herself to be a valuable member of the team. After getting yelled at by grumpy-and-tired Hardy, maybe viewers will cut her some slack.

Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) & Alec Hardy (David Tennant) – Broadchurch S03 E03 ©ITV

Episode three straightened out a few questions (why did Hardy come back, why Ian was acting strange, and why Ed and Jim fought) Now the story is moving forward with a clear direction and we can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

Episode three was tight and well-balanced. Even though all the pieces of the puzzle seem scattered right now but we are beginning to see the big picture. Everything from the great timing suspense, the captivated suspects, to the perfectly executed humour. Broadchurch is on its way to a great send off.

Broadchurch Series 3 Episode 4 continues on Monday, March 20th at 9PM on ITV and if you have missed anything, catch up now on ITV Hub.
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