Broadchurch - The Novel - (c) Little Brown
Broadchurch – The Novel – (c) Little Brown

“The day after Broadchurch finished, a woman stopped me and asked, ‘When’s the book coming out?’ Now I have an answer! Even better, we have Britain’s best psychological thriller authors at the helm. Erin’s writing is beautiful and suffused with tension; from the moment I first read her gorgeous insights into a world and characters I thought I knew well, I was hooked and desperate to read more.”

Chris Chibnall – Broadchurch Creator

“One road in, one road out. Broadchurch isn’t on the way to anywhere and you don’t go there by accident.”

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Broadchurch – The Novel

This Thursday, 14th August, crime author Erin Kelly’s (The Poison Tree, The Sick Rose, The Burning Air and The Ties That Bind) adaptation of Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series was released.

Broadchurch, the eight-part television drama created by Chris Chibnall, kept everyone glued to their television on Monday nights as the nation all wanted to know who killed Danny Latimer, the eleven-year-old local boy found murdered at the bottom of cliff. Broadchurch, the series, hit all the right notes – a brilliant script, an award-winning cast, beautiful scenery and a talented creative team. It achieved both critical and popular success as it dominated both the broadcast ratings and the awards ceremonies in 2013.

When it was announced that a novel on the series would be released, I had my doubts about how any writer would be able to succeed against such a powerful and emotive story. However, Erin Kelly has stepped up to the challenge and written a breath-taking companion piece that both complements and enhances the television programme. It is a must-read for both fans of the original series and newcomers to the story of Broadchurch.

The novel is not a re-hash of Chibnall’s script but rather  Broadchurch from a different angle. A different lens so to speak. Kelly creates the divergence by stepping inside the heads of the characters, revealing their thoughts and motivations. The result is a storyline that enhances and expands with new insights and plot details on the small-close knit community reeling from murder of an eleven-year-old local boy.

These differences create some interesting perspectives that contrast with the television programme, but remain faithful to the original story. The ITV series was more DS Ellie Miller’s (Olivia Colman) journey. Her character drove the story forward and her impassioned responses were both the conscience and soul of the drama. In comparison, the novel is defined by Beth Latimer (Jodie Whittaker). Her pain, anger and grief generate the same gut-wrenching emotional impact in Kelly’s text that actors exhibited on the small screen. It is through Beth’s eyes that we meet Danny Latimer and experience the aftermath of the young boy’s murder on the community of Broadchurch.

The investigation into Danny’s murder is driven by DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant). By revealing Hardy’s inner thoughts and deductions, the twists and turns of plot are exposed as are Hardy’s intelligence and motivations. With the additional material that has been added to the plot, you will find yourself once again engrossed in hunting for the clues that reveal the murderer even though most likely you already know who killed Danny Latimer.

The result is that Broadchurch – The Original Novel is a fresh-new look into a story that captivated a nation last year and is one that we highly recommend for everyone that enjoyed the television series as well as those who love a great read.

One point of note, Chris Chibnall and Erin Kelly have confessed that the novel contains a one line hint into the second series of Broadchurch. I must disclose, we didn’t find the clue. I guess that means another read. 😀

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Broadchurch Beacon Blogger Tour


Chris Chibnall’s brilliant – and award-winning – crime series Broadchurch (Kudos/Imaginary Friends) was a ratings and critical smash when it premiered on ITV in March 2013. Over nine million people tuned in to watch the series with the second season green-lit before it had finished airing. At its height, the show hit a rate of 8500 tweets per minute, accounting for a massive 65.9% of UK Twitter traffic (Source: social media analysts Second Sync) with desperate tweeters to know who killed Danny Latimer.

Inspired by the first series, Erin Kelly’s novel contains never-before-seen material, adding great depth and insights to the unforgettable cast of characters. This is a must-read not only for everyone who loved the TV programme ahead of the second series but for all fans of evocative, atmospheric crime drama.

Series two of Broadchurch is currently in production.

Chris Chibnall is the creator, writer and executive producer of the award winning ITV drama, Broadchurch. He has also written for TV shows including Life of Mars, Law & Order, Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood. Chris’s latest BBC1 drama, The Great Train Robbery, tells the story of the infamous 1963 British heist. He lives in Dorset with his family.

Erin Kelly is the author of the critically acclaimed psychological thriller, The Poison Tree, The Sick Rose. The Burning Air and the forthcoming, The Ties That Binds (May 2014). The Poison Tree was a bestselling Richard & Judy journalist, writing for newspapers including The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail as well as magazines including Red, Psychologies, Marie Claire and Elle. She in London with her family.

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