Worldwide film distribution company, Double Dutch International have released a new movie poster for David Tennant’s brand new rom-com – You, Me and Him.

The poster features a hipster Tennant and his co-stars Lucy Punch and Faye Marsey.

‘You, Me And Him’ is a witty romantic comedy set in middle-clsss England about two female lovers, one a career driven lawyer (Lucy Punch) and the other a fun loving, pot smoking layabout (Faye Marsay) and their annoying Casanova neighbour (David Tennant). While neither woman ever wanted children, both end up pregnant, creating conflicts that cause each to re-examine their outlook on life and their relationship.

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This new feature film is based on writer/director Daisy Aitkens’ original screenplay. It is produced by Phin Glynn (Mad To Be Normal), Georgia Tennant (96 Ways to Say I Love You) and Harriet Hammond (Mad To Be Normal) for Bad Penny Productions.

David Tennant on taking the part…..

“Daisy Aitkens has written a brilliant, funny, surprising and moving script and I am delighted that she has asked me to be in her first feature – as she is clearly going to be making many, many more and I want to be in all of them. And I am very pleased to be working with Bad Penny again, a company that represents all that is good and exciting in young British filmmaking. Thanks for having me!”

The film is currently in post-production and is expected to have a cinematic release later this year.


  • David Tennant – John
  • Lucy Punch – Olivia
  • Faye Marsay – Alex
  • David Warner – Michael Miller
  • Sally Philips – Amy
  • Sarah Parish – Mrs Jones
  • Simon Bird- Ben Miller
  • Gemma Jones – Sue Miller
  • Nina Sosanya – Dr Parks
  • Ingrid Oliver – Lily
  • Adam Paul Harvey – Nurse Paul
  • Tessie Orange-Turner – Alfie
  • Lucy Glynn – Sophie

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