Mad to be Normal has released in selected cinemas in the UK earlier this month. Now it’s your chance to help bring the film closer to you.

Mad to be Normal holds a Twitter poll where you can select the city where you want to see the film. The voting ends in 2 days.

Mad to be Normal is now showing in selected cities, check out its website for screening locations near you.

Mad to be Normal had world premiere at Glasgow Film Festival on February 26th and received the US premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival in California on April 21st.

About Mad to be Normal

David Tennant plays an infamous Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing world-famous for his non-traditional and controversial treatment of schizophrenia. In the 1960s, he established medication-free community at Kingsley Hall where the patients lived side by side with their doctors.

Mad to be Normal also star Elisabeth Moss, Gabriel Bryne, Michael Gambon, and David Bamber. It is written and directed by Robert Mullen. Executive produced by Peter Gerard Dunphy. Produced by Phin Glynn, Charlotte Arden, and Alan Latham for Gizmo Films and Bad Penny Productions.

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