Mad to be Normal: Behind the Scenes – Through the Eyes of a Makeup Artist

Before the world gets the chance to see Mad to be Normal, here’s a look behind the scenes in a sneak peek created by the film’s makeup artist and hair designer, Fran Hounsom.

Fran is a makeup artist and hair designer on a set of Mad to be Normal. She gleefully takes us behind the scenes on last day of shooting to show us around and introduce numbers of people who involved in the production.

Moving around from spot to spot, Fran introduces us to equally delightful people ranging from the director, producer, script supervisor to the runner and driver. They agreed on one thing though – their favourite part of working on the set is the cast and crew (and of course, Fran being their favourite of them all) Fran also shares her excitement upon receiving “Cards Against Humanity” from David Tennant as a thank you gift.

It’s a lovely 2-parter behind the scenes sneak peek by someone who truly is behind the scene and is very so often flying under the radar. Thanks for sharing, Fran.

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