David Tennant - Marvel HQ Visit - 26th April 2016
David Tennant – Marvel HQ Visit – 26th April 2016

A few weeks back David Tennant paid another visit to Marvel HQ, where he took part in the ‘This Week In Marvel’ podcast. The full 15-minute chat has now been released via Marvel.com.

David, of course talks about his role in Jessica Jones as uber-babbie Kilgrave. There is comic book talk – The Hulk of course. Many may know that the ‘The Hulk’ is David’s favourite. There is plenty of discussion on Tennant’s superhero t-shirt and he admits to allowing one of his kids to watch ‘Deadpool’. Talk also turns to Richard II, Broadchurch and a little British film that he is heading for later in 2016.  Which we later discovered was ‘Fish Without Bicycles’.

Listen to this great chat at Marvel.com

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  1. Excellent interview. It’s refreshing to hear David not being asked the same old questions he usually gets. There is a mutual admiration and fan boy gush going on–David for Marvel comics and Marvel for Doctor Who. Everyone is having fun here.

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