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This Saturday, Jenna-Louise Coleman, stars her reign as the Doctor’s latest companion, the impossible girl Clara Oswald. The thrice-dead character is joining during Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year and is starting to get a taste of life in the TARDIS fast lane.

But first the most important question of all – Who is Jenna-Louise’s Doctor?

‘Everyone has their Doctor Who – mine is David Tennant, my granny loves all of them.’

Jenna-Louise we think you have great taste!!

And while she is being mum about a possible romance between the Doctor and his newest assistant – as Jenna says, I’m getting very good at not saying anything,’ she was quite clear about the most difficult thing about be a Doctor Who companion.

‘…. you’re consistently running. This isn’t like any other show – I’ve never sat down and had a conversation in any episode. You’re talking and moving all the time. The energy you need is ridiculous. I think it’s all about finding the tune – at first all I could see were all the individual notes.’

The quotes are from a great interview at the Metro. Go to the following link more quotes and insight into Jenna-Louisa Coleman. We are waiting impatiently for Doctor Who to return with The Bells of St. John on BBC One at 6:15 pm.

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