Wednesday, November 22, 2017
  • Character: John
  • Released Date: 2017
  • Production Company: Bad Penny Productions
  • Worldwide Distribution: Double Dutch International
  • Writer: Daisy Aitkens
  • Executive Producers: Peter Gerard Dunphy & Phin Glynn
  • Producers: Phin Glynn, Georgia Tennant and Harriet Hammond
  • Director: Daisy Aitkens
  • Cinematography: John de Borman


  • David Tennant – John
  • Lucy Punch – Olivia
  • Faye Marsay – Alex
  • David Warner – Michael Miller
  • Sally Philips – Amy
  • Sarah Parish – Mrs Jones
  • Simon Bird- Ben Miller
  • Gemma Jones – Sue Miller
  • Nina Sosanya – Dr Parks
  • Ingrid Oliver – Lily
  • Adam Paul Harvey – Nurse Paul
  • Tessie Orange-Turner – Alfie
  • Lucy Glynn – Sophie


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Behind the Scenes on You, Me and Him © Bad Penny Productions

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David Tennant, Faye Marsay and Lucy Punch - You, Me & Him (c) Bad Penny Productions

New Stills from You, Me & Him

Bad Penny Productions is currently screening its new feature, You, Me and Him, written and directed by Daisy Aitkens and starring Faye Marsay, Lucy...
Character Images
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A determined career woman fights for her idea of the perfect family. Being a lesbian won’t stop her, neither will being 40, but when her wayward girlfriend falls pregnant after a drunken one-night stand – she may have pause for thought. That she herself is pregnant can only make matters more complicated. She has 9 months to decide if a family can really be this crowded.

Tennant will play an obnoxious Scot, who is responsible for one of the pregnancies.

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David Tennant, Faye Marsay and Lucy Punch - You, Me & Him (c) Bad Penny Productions

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David Tennant on taking the part…..

“Daisy Aitkens has written a brilliant, funny, surprising and moving script and I am delighted that she has asked me to be in her first feature – as she is clearly going to be making many, many more and I want to be in all of them. And I am very pleased to be working with Bad Penny again, a company that represents all that is good and exciting in young British filmmaking. Thanks for having me!

Thoughts from writer/director Daisy Aitkens…..

“Pregnancy is so often sugar-coated in film, I wanted to write a script that really mirrored the hilarious, feminist and kick ass experience it can be. I’m so happy to be writing at a time when gender stereotypes are being smashed, rom clichés thrown out, and funny women are leading the way in film and TV.” 


  • Production began on the September 14th, 2016.
  • Principal photography began on October 31st, 2016 in and around Stratford Upon Avon.
  • In October 2016 it was announced that the film would change its title from ‘Fish Without Bicycles’ to ‘You, Me and Him

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