The 9-episode complete series of the Scottish comedy ” is available now on Amazon UK.

The Tales of Para Handy, the Region 2, 3-Disc DVD priced at £29.99, is available now for purchase on Amazon UK. This item can be delivered to the US as well but you will need a Region – Free or Region 2 DVD player to watch it.

First aired in July 1994, the series featured Gregor Fisher, Rikki Fulton, and Sean Scanlan. However, in season 2, episode 2: Para Handy’s Piper (aired August 1995) you might recognise a familiar face who played a character named John MacBryde. The 24-year-old David Tennant played a young man who has an idea to steal the bagpipes and tries to pass himself off as the Marquis of Bute’s piper.

  • Gregor Fisher – ParaHandy
  • Rikki Fulton – Macphail
  • Sean Scanlan – Dougie
  • Andrew Fairlie – Sunny Jim
  • Paul Young – Andrew Campbell
  • Iain Cuthbertson – Angus Monroe
  • Sally Howitt – Liz Kelly
  • Andrew Robertson – Hughie MacDiarmid
  • Karen Westwood – Maire Monroe
  • David Tennant – John MacBryde
  • Michael Carter – Rankin
  • Robert McIntosh – Sergeant Hamilton
  • Simon Ronald – Constable

Writer Neil Munro created the character Para Handy, who first appeared in a number of stories in the “Glasgow Evening News” which were later released as books. Scottish Television adapted these stories at various times and BBC Scotland filmed and broadcast nine episodes between 1994 and 1995.

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All of the stories revolve around the main character, his steamboat the Vital Spark and the high jinks he and his crew get up to.

In the episode “Para Handy’s Piper” the crew are assigned to transport a piper to a high class wedding. However, a young man, John MacBryde, played by David Tennant, has other ideas and, stealing the bagpipes, tries to pass himself off as the Marquis of Bute’s piper. However, the police are already looking for the stowaway and the piper apparently disappears. When MacBryde is discovered by the crew hiding in the cabin he has to persuade them to help him stop the love of his life from marrying another man.

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