Our Favourite Links

Every site needs a list of its favourite links and the DT Forum is no exception. We have collected a list of our favourite David Tennant links and a few of our favourite Doctor Who links as well. We still love both the classic and the modern Doctor Who.

David Tennant Fan Sites

These sites are the best places we have found to collect your daily fix of David Tennant News. Apart from the daily Twitter events, that is. We started out with the classic ones and will grow the list over time.

David Tennant Theatre

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David Tennant Theatre is an excellent site focusing on David’s Theatre work. They always manage to dig up something new or rather old from somewhere unique.

David Tennant Fan Site (formerly Tennantively.org)

This is another great fan site with a lot of pictures and lots of information. It is a must visit for David Tennant fans.

Royal Tennant Company

The Royal Tennant Company is a French site with a great collection of videos and pictures. They created an excellent photo book for David and gave it to him at the Stage Door of Much Ado About Nothing.

 David Tennant German Fanbase

This is a new and rapidly growing German fan forum with lots of news and information and a friendly atmosphere.

Doctor Who

No David Tennant fan site would be complete without Doctor Who, so of course we have to list our favourite Doctor Who sites. The Doctor has had a huge impact on our lives — regardless of which regeneration — as well as David Tennant’s life. We are not going to get into which Doctor and why. They are all brilliant to us.

BBC Official Doctor Who – 10th Doctor Site

This is the official site of the Tenth Doctor on BBC UK. A lot of the videos are UK region locked, but there is a lot of great information there if you can get to it.

BBC Classic Doctor Who Official YouTube Site and BBC Classic Doctor Who Official Site

Two great sites to get classic Doctor Who information. Yes, I know it’s not exactly David Tennant news, but we’re Whovians so we had to add it.

Blogtor Who Blogsite

The Blogtor Who site covers everything Doctor Who and also adds in anything related to the actors, producers, writers, etc. A great site to have in your bookmarks.

Kasterborous Site

Another great Doctor Who site covering Doctor Who.

Gallifrey Base

Gallifrey Base is a premier Doctor Who Forum. It covers anything and everything with loads and loads of information. You can get lost in it for hours!

Doctor Who News

If you have an iPhone or iPad then this is the Site/App for you. They collect news from several different sites and combine it all together into a great iPhone/iPad app. If you don’t have an Apple device, check out their site just the same. All the info is there.

Other Co-Stars

David has worked with many other actors and directors during his career to date. Here are some links to just a few of his former co-stars’ own websites.

Olivia Colman Online

        A great fansite dedicated to the Broadchurch and Twenty Twelve star.

Hugh Bonneville Online

        The official website for Twenty Twelve star Hugh Bonneville.

John Barrowman – The Official Site

John’s own site with news of TV appearances, live shows and a photo gallery.

Billie Piper Net – Fan Site

This is the oldest Billie Piper fansite – active since 2005. They have update their Twitter account, @BillieOnline, and they are very lovely people.

Miss Billie Piper – Fan Site

A new site on Billie Piper. They are building a great collection of her old material.

The Official Colin Farrell Website

The official site for Colin Farrell who plays vampire Jerry Dandridge in Fright Night.

The Catherine Tate Show

An unofficial fan site for Catherine’s TV Show, with videos, pictures and character details.

Lee Knight

Lee, who plays Conrade in Much Ado About Nothing, also offers acting and public speaking coaching via his website.

The Patrick Stewart Network

The website of the official Patrick Stewart Fanclub. Sir Patrick starred opposite David as Claudius in Hamlet.

Fooling Nobody

The official blog for all things Marc Wootton, David’s Nativity 2 co-star.

Please feel free to let us know of any other links you suggest we may want to list.


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