Last night saw the official opening of Patrick Marber’s ‘Don Juan in Soho’ starring David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough. So that means press night. Time for all to have their say.

As the saying goes ‘You can’t please everyone all the timeand that is very clear with this new play. Below is a selection of reviews…..

The Good

The Hollywood Reporter – Demetrios Matheou

Tennant’s physicality and vocal control in this scene are spot-on. He’s well-matched throughout by Scarborough, not least when the preening dandy and the dumpy prole share a surprising musical duet. Both actors dive with relish into Marber’s ribald language, which is frequently shocking yet everything you’d expect from a misanthrope suffering from sex addiction and the stooge who’s been swimming in the same cesspool for far too long.

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The Times – Ann Treneman

It’s an easy laugh and just a little hypocritical for DJ to be slinging judgments around but you forgive because Tennant is brilliant, his gangly form made to play a man always on the prowl, restless, funny, incorrigible. He is the perfect foil to Adrian Scarborough, plump and slightly ridiculous at all times, as Stan.

WhatsOnStage – Sarah Crompton

In the end, it is those central performances and the vicious wit of Marber’s script that linger into the night, finding resonance in a play from 1665 to throw some light and a lot of laughter on the world in which we live today.

The Guardian – Michael Billington

David Tennant dazzles as a desolate hedonist – What is unnerving, however, is Tennant’s capacity to make us empathise with an impenitent egotist driven by sexual obsession. – Chris Omaweng

It’s bawdy, it’s lewd, and in places it’s frankly improper. Not exactly a family show, then, but nonetheless a forthright and sharp production.

Photo by Dan Wooller/REX/Shutterstock Adrian Scarborough (Stan), Patrick Marber (Author/Director) and David Tennant (Don Juan) 'Don Juan in Soho' play, After Party, London, UK - 28 Mar 2017
Photo by Dan Wooller/REX/Shutterstock – Adrian Scarborough (Stan), Patrick Marber (Author/Director) and David Tennant (Don Juan) ‘Don Juan in Soho’ play, After Party, London, UK – 28 Mar 2017
The Not So Good

Evening Standard – Henry Hitchings

David Tennant has swagger and twinkly charm – But there are too many moments when the play lacks bite and seems crude or even a bit dull.

The Daily Mail – Quentin Letts

This is a play trying to have it both ways, exposing decadence while simultaneously charging big money for that very sort of titillation. It may be exotic and handsome but ultimately it is as hooked on shallowness as Don Juan.

The Stage – Mark Shenton

‘Charmless and Creepy’ – DJ (David Tennant) is a bona fide sex addict, who cares little about the damage he inflicts on others. The play follows a similar course to that charted in Stephen Jeffreys’s The Libertine (which was also recently revived in the West End). It’s an open invitation to audiences to be titillated and provoked by extreme sexual behaviour, but Ray Cooney sex farces are a lot more fun than this.

The Telegraph – Dominic Cavendish

Not even David Tennant in a posing pouch can save this flaccid comedy – But suffering the coitus interruptus of an interval and laden with the would-be funky garb of physicalised hedonism (lots of dry-ice and cavorting, scantily clad types in masks) the show feels like a prolonged awkward fumble.

‘Don Juan in Soho’ continues its 11-week season at the Wyndham’s Theatre until June 10th 2017. Tickets are still available.

Don Juan n Soho Promotional Image
Don Juan n Soho Promotional Image

About Don Juan in Soho

Don Juan in Soho is loosely based on Molière’s tragicomedy ‘Don Juan’. The modern update transports the action to contemporary London and follows the final adventures of its debauched protagonist – a cruel seducer who lives only for pleasure. The play is described as savagely funny and filthy.

Tennant will be joined on stage by established stage stars Adrian Scarborough as Stan and Gawn Grainger as Louis along with Adrian Richards, Alice Orr-Ewing, Danielle Vitalis, David Jonsson, Dominique Moore, Eleanor Wyld, Emma Naomi, Himesh Patel, Mark Ebulué, Mark Extance, Theo Barkley-Biggs and William Spray.

Marber’s Don Juan in Soho, which premiered to great acclaim ten years ago at the Donmar Warehouse, is now produced in the West End by Matthew Byam Shaw, Nia Janis and Nick Salmon for Playful Productions in association with Sonia Friedman Productions.

Set and costume designs by Anne Fleischle and sound and music by Adam Cork.

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  1. Dad David Tennant is brilliant in this production. He plays a character that you know you should loathe and be disgusted by, yet you can’t help yourself liking him. He is funny, charismatic and brilliant at the ad lib , when in his monologue on the 1st night of previews he mentioned “politicians becoming journalist” on the day Osborne announced he was to be editor of the Standard. The timing in this play is impeccable. The first half is riske but played with humour , even when he is being pleasures under a blanket whilst chatting up someone else. Adrian Scarborough also has to be recommended for being a wonderful foil to DT. The play does leave you thinking if we are living in a world of hypocrisy. It is a very funny play that I want to see agin, a two hours worth spending in Soho just as DT would say.

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