Peter Davison & David Tennant - Doctor Who 'Time Crash' Children in Need 2007 (c) BBC
Peter Davison & David Tennant – Doctor Who ‘Time Crash’ Children in Need 2007 © BBC

Welcome to David Tennant 2016 Advent Calendar! Are you ready for Christmas? There is no better place to celebrate this wonderful time of year than right here with us. We’re bringing you a daily dose of David Tennant being, well, David Tennant. It is time to celebrate.

Welcome to day 14! Today we’ve got a real treat for you. What’s better than one Doctor? Two Doctors! This is it boys and girls, the Fifth and the Tenth Doctor meet for the first time for a very special occasion in “Time Crash” for Children in Need.

Immediately after Martha Jones left the TARDIS at the end of series 3, the Doctor encounters the epic Wibbly Wobbly incident where 2 TARDISes collided and merged into one, all because he forgot the put the shields up.

This episode sure has Doctor Who fans everywhere all geeked out and jumping with joy. Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor are in the same TARDIS! The exchange between Davison and Tennant is very entertaining and quite touching.

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After a brief criticism of himself (get it?), the two Doctors simultaneously work together to prevent the TARDISes from ripping a hole in space and time the size of Belgium!

Watch the unforgettable episode below

Stay with us for 25 days of Tennant-filled festivities. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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