Wizard World New Orleans had a successful day two of the weekend-long fan convention. Saturday is the busiest day and fans know exactly what’s in store for them.

David Tennant is one of the headliners for Wizard World the Big Easy style. He and Stan Lee draw big crowd and all the enthusiasm that comes with it. Tennant’s photo ops and autograph signings got shuffled today but his Q&A panel remained unchanged.

David Tennant & Liz Prugh at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum

Fans flocked into New Orleans Theater at 2PM for an appointment with the Doctor. Tennant, sporting in a John Lennon T-shirt and a blue button down paired with brown trousers, zoomed out on stage once he was introduced. His level of energy and enthusiasm never cease to amaze his fans.

The panel was moderated by Liz Prugh of PureFandom.com. After a short chit chat, the floor was opened for questions.

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David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
What is the most Scottish thing about you?

Tennant answered, “well, it’s probably my ginger hair! I’m pretty Scottish, most of me is Scottish, a bit of an Irish in there. I’m born and bred in Scotland to two Scottish parents” When comes to the most Scottish thing he eats, he admitted, “I like a Tattie scone which is like a potato scone or potato cake” Tennant also likes square sausages.

Who is your favourite companion? Rose, Martha, or Donna.

I love them all equally in their own special unique way” Tennant added that each companion have their own stories “with each of the three they were there for that year…there was a clear direction with each one…each version of that had a different flavour

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
Tell us about Good Omens.

Tennant is currently filming Amazon/BBC2’s Good Omens written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. He’s playing a demon named Crowley, which explains why he has red hair.

Tennant explains “lots of things caught on fire some of which was happening for real, other bits will be added cleverly by people with computers afterwards…it’s been quite a dramatic shoot…everyday there’s things exploding, prostatic heads, and special effects. It’s quite epic” Tennant added, “there’s been more smoke than fire

However, fans seem to know exactly what’s going with the filming which one fan explains that Nail Gaiman has a Twitter account and he shares some info with his followers. Tennant was surprised but added, “if anyone else did that they get sacked but I guess we can’t sack Neil Gaiman (Gaiman also serves as a showrunner)”

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
Is there a list of things that you absolutely have to do?

I feel like I’ve done pretty well. I feel quite content with the things I’ve knocked off my bucket list. I certainly would like to do some more Shakespeare

How do you feel about Kilgrave?

I quite love being Kilgrave. It was fun” Tennant admitted that he wasn’t familiar with the comic book, Alias, that Jessica Jones was based on. When talked about season two of Jessica Jones, “I don’t think it’s a secret anymore…I do appear in season two but more than that I cannot say

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
Tennant’s love for Doctor Who

Tennant has been a Doctor Who fan since he was very young. He has Tom Baker poster on his wall. Tennant recalled, as a kid, he showed up at a book shop in Glasgow to have Tom Baker sign his Doctor Who monster book. He then told us that Steven Moffat (former Doctor Who showrunner) was also in the queue that day to get something signed. To make the story even weirder, Tennant recently found out that Peter Capaldi (the 12th Doctor) also showed up that day but he was too late and he missed Baker.

Tennant added that it’s weird that he became the character he loves so much, “it’s quite surreal, it keeps being quite surreal, even now it’s still quite surreal…it doesn’t make it any less special, it’s just special in a different way

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
Do you wish that Jessica would have tried harder to rehabilitate Kilgrave?

During episode “WWJD” in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, we saw that Jessica put an effort in helping Kilgrave to be good but she ended up betraying him instead. Tennant joked, “yes, she was far too lazy! If she just put in a bit more effort. She said she was gonna help me, but did she? To be fair, he’s a bit of a monster…he probably deserved to die but it’s still a great character to play, it was delicious, too. I don’t think we can really blame Jessica. She did what she had to do. She made the world a better place by doing it

What inspired you to be an actor?

Tennant said that shows like Doctor Who inspired him to become an actor. “When I was very young is when I decided that I want to do it. It was watching shows on TV, it was an escape and a release to that world of possibilities

Tennant mentioned that he is currently watching The Handmaid’s Tale, The Good Place, and catching up on season two of Daredevil.

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum
How evil do you think the Lord Commander is going to be in Final Space?

One of Tennant’s latest animation projects is a sci-fi comedy “Final Space” and he plays a villain “Lord Commander” Tennant gave us some insights of his character, “there’s a lot of screaming. He shouts a lot. He’s very angry. I don’t know if that makes him more evil but he certainly angrier than other characters” Tennant described Final Space as “somewhere between Star Wars and the Simpsons” Final Space is premiering later this year on TBS.

Tennant on Jodie Whittaker.

As the new Doctor revealed and it’s Tennant’s Broadchurch co-star and a friend, Jodie Whittaker. Tennant has been publicly supportive of her and he had nice things to say about No. 13, “if you know Jodie, she’s so funny….and rude. She’s just full of energy and madness and she’s quite rather unpredictable and glorious and funny, and I imagine she’ll bring a bit of that to it

David Tennant at Wizard World New Orleans. Photograph by ©Jeri Yuttayong for DTForum

Tennant also talked about his Doctor’s final scenes and how it was very emotional. He enjoyed his time on Doctor Who and he mentioned that he didn’t take a lot of preparation, “it was there for free that day

Last question was about his latest animation movie “Ferdinand” (still showing in theaters) which he played Angus, the Scottish bull. A fan was curious how a Scottish bull ended up in Spain, “I don’t know how any of them ended up there but I’m very glad they did because a beautiful story and it’s beautifully told

That was 45 minutes of pure joy and laughter. David Tennant has always been a true entertainer. He never fails to impress fans with his wits and his sense of humour. Tennant had more photo op sessions and autograph signings to do before finishing his day later in the afternoon.

Saturday concludes David Tennant’s appearance for New Orleans. Until next time.


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