This Christmas you will be able to hear the voice of David Tennant in many places. The newest addition to his voice work comes from a new CBeebies show, Gudrun The Viking Princess.

The new series by Maramedia aims to combine drama with factual entertainment for children. The unique, new format will be told through 20 episodes, each 5 minutes in length. The story is told by David Tennant who narrates each episode. This isn’t the first time he has been drawn to Vikings after his voicework on How to train your Dragon.

The series will provide inspirational starting points for ways to connect young children with the wild environment. It is also an introduction to the historical Viking period in a simple, charming and totally captivating way.

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Maramedia have released a synopsis for the first series, which is coming to Iplayer on Boxing Day.

A thousand years ago in the wild lands of the North lived a special little girl. The trees and animals of the forest were her friends and playmates. Now travel back in time to join her games. Come and explore the wild with GUDRUN THE VIKING PRINCESS…

Gudrun is a seven-year old Viking princess, the oldest child of King Sigurd. She’s being instructed in the ways of the world by her father to prepare for the day she becomes Queen of the Northern Lands!

In ten enchanting stories of the Viking world, we discover the Wild Way of the Vikings – how they travelled to distant lands, encountering wild and wonderful landscapes full of new and exciting creatures!

Also over Christmas, David Tennant can be heard in the animated film Ferdinand. And on BBC one on Christmas Day he is voicing The Highway Rat for the special Christmas Day animated tale. The broadcast time for The Highway Rat was announced yesterday and can be found here.

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