Word is coming out of social media that David Tennant recorded a new episode of the BBC’s motoring show ‘Top Gear’ last night.

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This will be Tennant’s second appearance on the show following his appearance in 2007 with then host Jeremy Clarkson. The episode featured Tennant in the ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ segment of the show in which celebrities are put behind the wheel of a car for them then to outdo each other on the time.

David posted a time of 1.48.8 but was beaten by his Doctor Who co-star Billie Piper, who achieved a time of 1.48.3. But Tennant wasn’t happy with this accusing Clarkson of letting Billie get away with cheating during her lap, by cutting the track and prompting the Stig to recommend a 3-second penalty. But Jeremy did not penalise Billie and David like his leniency, which prompted Jeremy to explain that he hadn’t enforced the penalty because she was wearing a see-through top.

David Tennant on BBC Top Gear
David Tennant on BBC Top Gear

The new series of ‘Top Gear’ returns for its 24th series on March 7th on BBC Two. Word has it that Tennant recorded episode 2. The air date for this episode is likely to be March 14th but this is yet to be confirmed.

The show has gone through some changes since 2007 with new presenters and format. The new series will be hosted by ex-Friends star Matt LeBlanc, journalist Chris Harris and Rory Reid who became one of the show’s presenter in 2016 following a public audition.

There is no official word on this news yet but we will post more as we get it. In the meantime enjoy Tennant’s first appearance in the video below.


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