As if we don’t already love the classic reboot of DuckTales, now we have even more reason to.

The former Doctor Who companion, Catherine Tate, is joining her Doctor, David Tennant, in the upcoming episode of DuckTales “Terror of the Terra-firmians!” as the wicked Magica de Spell.

We saw a glimpse of Magica at the end of last week’s episode “The Beagle Birthday Massacre!” as her niece, Lena (Kimiko Glenn) spoke to her. Yahoo! has an exclusive clip from “Terror of the Terra-firmians!” as Magica tries to convince Lena to abandon Mrs. Beakley who is in deep trouble.

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Magica is not a very nice auntie as she’s one of many Scrooge McDuck’s major foes. This should be interesting to see Catherine Tate in a villain role.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate don’t typical stay away from each other long even after Doctor Who days. They reunited in the Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1 last year and they appeared at a fan convention in Washington, DC in June of this year.

“Terror of the Terra-firmians!” premieres in the US on Saturday on Disney XD.

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