Broadchurch took the final curtain call a couple of weeks ago and now you can own its soundtrack that makes Broadchurch so haunting and gripping.

Broadchurch – The Final Chapter composed by Ólafur Arnalds. His beautifully haunting fine piece of music serves as the memorable backdrop of Broadchurch now available on Amazon and iTunes.

The album features the original music from Broadchurch‘s third and final series. It includes the end credits song “Take My Leave of You” composed by Ólafur Arnalds and performed by Arnor Dan.

Ólafur Arnalds is no stranger to Broadchurch, he composed the previous two series’ soundtracks including the iconic songs “So Close” and “So Far”, which also performed by Arnor Dan.

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The album contains the following tracks

1. I Could Hear Water (4:01)
2. Re-Enactment (3:21)
3. Interrogation (1:29)
4. The Final Chapter (3:59)
5. Right By You (3:26)
6. I Could Have Stopped It (4:17)
7. Ellie’s Theme (3:05)
8. I Felt Guilty (2:53)
9. Going Under (3:55)
10. Vigil (2:20)
11. Attack (1:25)
12. Say It Was Me (2:17)
13. Not Alone (3:16)
14. Tell Us What Happened (3:27)
15. Take My Leave of You (feat. Arnor Dan) (2:49)

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