Broadchurch bid farewell last Monday night and now it’s your chance to relive ITV’s highest rating outstanding crime drama.

Broadchurch Series Three is now available on Region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray on Amazon UK for £14.99 for DVD and £17.99 for Blu-Ray. To add to your collection, the complete set of Broadchurch Series 1-3 is also available for £24.99 for DVD box set and £29.99 for Blu-Ray box set. Amazon UK offers shipping to the US as well.

SPECIAL FEATURES for Series 1-3 box set include: Behind the Scenes Series One, Series One Audio Commentaries, The Making of Broadchurch Series Two, How We Made the Broadchurch Trilogy, Cast and Crew Interviews and more, Deleted Scenes Series One, Two and Three, and Picture Galleries.

Broadchurch Series 1-3 DVD Box set
Broadchurch Series 1-3 DVD Box set
Product Descriptions

Three years have passed in a town that will never forget; and Hardy and Miller are called on to investigate the brutal sexual assault of a local woman, Trish Winterman. The crime scene points to a party attended by close to a hundred people. But not a casual assault the act appears premeditated. What dark secrets still lie buried in a town that has been so closely examined? And how will unresolved issues around the death of young Danny Latimer finally be settled? These answers lie in Broadchurch: The Final Chapter.

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