Episode 3 of Broadchurch aired on Monday and the buzz is still going strong. We’re almost halfway there and we’re not even close to scratching the surface.

Broadchurch is in its third week and things get more complicated, traditionally. So far only 27 out of roughly 50 people are interviewed but the list of suspects only gets longer and there is no shortage of suspicious individuals. Here are some clues and questions we picked up from episode 3.


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Who sent Trish a text?

Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) received an anonymous text threatening her to shut up or else. Then later someone sent another text “I’m sorry” from a blocked number. Was it a beg for forgiveness or simply sympathised about what happened? Regardless, it’s from someone who knows Trish.

Trish’s mystery man

It’s frustrating for us that Trish still refuses to reveal the identity of the man she slept with even with Hardy’s blunt comment, “we’re probably gonna retrieve his DNA from your bed sheets anyway” Is it her best friend’s husband, Jim? (Mark Bazeley) Is that why Trish is on the fence about it?

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New suspects

Naturally, as the investigation progresses, more suspects emerge. The cook from the restaurant who catered Cath’s (Sarah Parish) party was there with his crew. He said he walked down the lake and back on his 10 minutes break during what could be the time of the attack. He’s the least suspicious for now.

The musician, he was at the party and he was in the gardens around the time of the attack. He’s one sketchy fella, “never been asked for a DNA swab before, that’s quite cool” then proceeded to roll up what looked like a marijuana joint.

The manor’s owner provided DC Harford (Georgina Campbell) the surveillance footage. He mentioned, “I like to go by the waterfall and sit under the tree and no one would notice me” sounds like a perfect place to commit a hideous crime like, oh I don’t know sexual assault? Plus he has no alibi for the night of the attack.

Tom Miller’s (Adam Wilson) shifty behaviour continues. He found his confiscated phone in his mum’s room with everything still on it. Tom convinced reluctant Michael (Deon Lee Williams) to watch one particular porn, bragging “you haven’t seen it. I have” Could that be a sex tape or something worse?

Alec Hardy (David Tennant), Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) & Clive Lucas (Sebastian Armesto) – Broadchurch S03E03 ©ITV
Current suspects

Lucas (Sebastian Armesto) uttered lie after lie and that promptly shifted him to prime suspect. He lied about his radio not working. He was being hazy about what he did that night while his cab was seen parked in the car park all night with the lights out and he was nowhere to be found. He also had a complaint filed against him for being inappropriate with one of his customers. He lied about meeting Trish through work but they actually went out on a date. We also learned that he’s married and has a habit of cheating on his wife.

Cath Atwood (Sarah Parish) & Ed Burnett (Sir Lenny Henry) – Broadchurch S03E03 ©ITV

Ian Winterman (Charlie Higson) made up the whole story about being at the party and taking a cab home. He told Jim that he was actually blacked out drunk and found himself waking up on the grass near the lake. What was he doing there? Is it possible that he was too inebriated to realise what he was doing? “My wife was raped and I don’t know where I was
In addition to that, Ian also had a secret meeting with the rope shop kid, Leo (Chris Mason) What’s on Ian’s computer that he wants Leo to delete it so badly? “I don’t want anyone to find it

Ed Burnett (Sir Lenny Henry) admitted having a fight with Jim but he claimed he went home afterwards. However, the musician reportedly saw Ed looking like he “wants to kill someone” Ed is not off the hook as he failed to provide an alibi for the night of the attack.

Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) & Alec Hardy (David Tennant) – Broadchurch S03E03 ©ITV
Hardy’s relationship with his daughter.

We finally hear it from Hardy the reason behind his return to Broadchurch after 2 years of disappearance. As much as he still hates Broadchurch, he wanted a clean start for Daisy (Hannah Rae), who apparently got herself into trouble without her mother, Tess (Lucy Cohu) Whatever happened to her anyway? Daisy also has an interesting group of friends. They obviously don’t respect Hardy and only referred to him as “Daisy’s dad” We expect to see more of the dad-daughter interactions.

Mutual friend

Speaking of an interesting group of friends, Daisy and Tom have a mutual friend, Michael, who turns out is Lucas’ stepson. Michael obviously doesn’t like his stepdad, who’s apparently “being a dick” It’s a good possibility that there are more to Michael that we have yet to find out. We all know what happened to Tom’s previous best friend.

Could Mark headed to self-destruction?

Mark (Andrew Buchan) is still fighting for justice for Danny. His last attempt got shot down by Beth (Jodie Whittaker) He’s full of guilt and anger and we’re afraid to find out what he’ll do next. “I still dream of Dan, do you?

Rev. Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) & Ellie’s dad (Roy Hudd) – Broadchurch S03E03 ©ITV
The brighter side

The delightful Ellie’s dad (Roy Hudd) is amazingly refreshing. “I’m sleeping in my daughter’s boxroom while she works herself to death. It’s a retirement I’ve always dreamt of” When Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) asked if he wanted to talk, “no, thank you, Vicar. Not into all that bullsh*t. No offence” We definitely need more of Ellie’s dad.

Hardy (David Tennant) and Miller (Olivia Colman) are closer than ever. Miller nagged Hardy for being “grouchy and thin” and questioned his tea-making process. Hardy admitted not hating Broadchurch so much anymore. They’re 2 peas in a pod whether they’re willing to admit it or not.

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Final clues

Trish found a basket of flowers at her doorstep with a note “thinking of you” Who was it from? Her mystery man? Creepy rapist? Ian Winterman?

Broadchurch S03E03 ©ITV

Lucas has a secret stash of some sort souvenirs in his drawer in the garage. We see wallets, sunglasses, keys, and most alarming was a keychain with a picture of Trish and her daughter on it. At this point, Lucas is the obvious suspect but this is Broadchurch, it’s too early to point the finger.

Broadchurch has developed a masterpiece strategy to mess with our heads. It’s week 3 but we’ve just getting started. The remaining 5 weeks will be one heck of a ride and we’d better be ready for it.

Broadchurch Series 3 Episode 4 continues on Monday, 20th at 9 PM on ITV.

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