A Blast from the Past –  David Tennant has always appeared in audio plays through out his career but a number of them have been lost to the history.  However, thanks to power of the internet and The internet Archive  two of these lost plays have been recovered.

First is Sunburst Finish by Andrea Gibb with Paddy Cunneen.  David Tennant plays Davey, a student in his final year at university.  He has everything going for him. He’s bright, talented and loved by all but he doesn’t want to live.

The second is Tuesdays & Sundays by Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn.  Tuesday & Sundays is about a chance meeting between William, an eighteen year old farm boy Mary, a sixteen year old farm girl living in 19th-century rural Canada meet on New Year’s Eve. Patti Browning, a former writer of the DT Forum interviewed Daniel Arnold about his work on the play a few years ago and you can now listen to the play.

Thanks to Patti Browning for finding these gifts.

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By Andrea Gibb with Paddy Cunneen

Davey is in his final year of a music degree at university. He has everything going for him: he’s bright, attractive, musically gifted, adored by friends and family, and his professor has him down for a first. There’s just one problem – Davey doesn’t want to live.

Naomi Boole-Masterson (cello), Fali Pavri (piano), Andy Mitchell (guitar)
director/composer Paddy Cunneen Director Gaynor Macfarlane

Amy: Julie Austin
James: Eric Barlow
Prof Gordon: Eric Barlow
Geggie: John Kielty
Clive: John Kielty
Georgie: Helen Lomax
Ruth: Monica Glbb
Uncle Gus: Ewan Stewart
Davey: David Tennant

The Friday Play:
BBC Radio 4 FM
24 May 2002 21.00

By Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn
Inspired by a true story (Prince Edward Island, 1887)
William, an eighteen year old farm boy Mary, a sixteen year old farm girl living in 19th-century rural Canada meet on New Year’s Eve.
This lyrical, intense drama is played out through a series of assignations between them.
Director Sara Ben-aim
William….David Tennant
Mary….Clare Yuille.
Afternoon Play
BBC Radio 4 FM
16 June 2003 14.15
Production History:
Canadian one-act, Drama
The creation of this play was generously funded by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
Tuesdays & Sundays received its premiere by Theatre Network in Edmonton during NeXtFest Festival from June 6-11, 2000.
45 minutes
Synopsis:The spirits of William and Mary, a rural Canadian teenage couple, awaken into a void. As they question where they are, they recall and begin to relive the story which brought them there: the initial giddy courtship and the overwhelming passions of first love, the pangs of a six month absence from each other – an unplanned pregnancy and a guilty and shameful young man amidst a community in which respectability is of utmost importance. And as they try to cope, to keep love amongst the fear and confusions of youth, these two spirits stumble upon their own tragic ending, ultimately answering where they are and how they got there.

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