Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol 2

  • Character: The Doctor
  • Release Date: November 2016
  • Running Time: TBC
  • Production Company: Big Finish
  • Writers: John Dorney, Guy Adams, Matt Fitton
  • Directed: Nicholas Briggs


  • Billie Piper – Rose Tyler
  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler
  • Rosie Cavaliero – Marge
  • Guy Henry – Ikron
  • Nickolas Grace – Chevalier D’Eon
  • Nicholas Briggs – Lord Hasskor / Commander Slaan

More cast details to be announced


Big Finish, creators of fully dramatised audio productions, announced on the 15th May 2016 that David Tennant and Billie Piper would return as the Doctor and Rose for a new set of three Doctor Who audio adventures.

Nicholas Briggs, Big Finish’s executive producer and director for the new stories, was thrilled to have the two in the studio to record the new adventures.  “We’ve been having a fabulous time. Billie’s been superb and lovely, and she and David have been working brilliantly together. David said, ‘It’s as if the last ten years had never happened.’ It was particularly encouraging to hear Billie reacting very positively to how easy the recording process is. After we recorded a couple of great takes for the first scene, she said, ‘Is that it?’ with a big smile in her voice.”

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While Executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery said: ‘Getting David and Billie back together was definitely on my bucket list – two wonderful actors who created an era of Doctor Who which is so fondly remembered and brought a different aspect of the relationship between the Doctor and his companion to the fore – love, both platonic and unrequited. It’s great to have the Tenth Doctor and Rose back again!

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Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 2 consists of three special stories written by Big Finish regulars John Dorney, Guy Adams and Matt Fitton…

2.1 Infamy of the Zaross by John Dorney

An alien invasion of Earth isn’t quite what it appears to be…

2.2 Sword of the Chevalier by Guy Adams

1791 and the Doctor and Rose get to meet one of the most enigmatic, thrilling and important people in history: The Chevalier d’Eon. She used to be known as a spy, but then she used to be known as a lot of things. If there’s one thing the Doctor knows it’s that identity is what you make it. Choose a life for yourself and be proud. Mind you, if the Consortium of the Obsidian Asp get their way all lives may soon be over…

2.3 Cold Vengeance by Matt Fitton

The TARDIS arrives on Coldstar, a vast frozen food asteroid in deep space. But there is something sinister defrosting in the network of storage units… the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors!

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This lavish book-sized box set includes exclusive artwork, photography, articles, a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with the stars and production team – alongside a bonus documentary examining the worlds of Doctor Who at Big Finish.

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