Ahead of tomorrow night’s fourth episode of the groundbreaking wildlife documentary ‘Spy in the Wild’ narrated by David Tennant, the BBC have released 4 new clips.

This weeks episode is all about mischief and what some of these animals do just to have fun. We have a young elephant so engrossed in playing with a winged friend he gets left behind. A young monkey takes its first swimming and diving lesson, with a little help from his friends. We have Lemurs on a ‘high’ following a snack on a millipede and there is more thievery surrounding the penguins.

John Downer Productions has brought together all this wonderful footage by using over 30 different “spy creatures” to get closer to these wild animals than ever before.

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Official Synopsis

Spy In The Wild – Mischief

When nobody is around wild animals often get up to mischief among themselves – and some are downright criminal. In this hidden world of animal crime, retribution and antics, the Spy Creatures boldly go where no human would dare.

Spy Tropicbird has to duck and dive to survive an aerial attack by aggressive frigate birds as they attempt to steal his fish and Spy Bowerbird becomes a victim of crime to a gang of teenage bowerbirds after he has his own den decorated with jewel cams and bracelet cams to attract the females.

Spy Penguin keeps a close eye on an adelie penguin’s colony as they hunker down to avoid a storm, unaware that in their midst is a thieving penguin who is out to steal the stones that make up their own nests.

The Spy Creatures also capture cheating animals, including the outlandish Chimpanzees having extra-marital affairs and the meerkat colony who don’t take too kindly towards a philandering female – who is promptly evicted, creating war in the group.

Spy Pufferfish is passed between roguish young dolphins as they get high from real pufferfish, plus Lemurs get high by sniffing toxic millipedes.

Spy Wolf Pup watches as naughty wolf pups are taught the hard rules of pack life, and Spy Egret joins forces with Boulder Cam with an elephant family at the waterhole, both getting too close for comfort when a boisterous elephant starts having a temper tantrum in the mud.

Catch Spy in the Wild: Mischief tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One.

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