If you had 1 minute to flee your home, what one thing would you choose to take with you? Precious photos? Family treasures? Your phone? Your pet? This is the question asked by The UN Refugee Agency as part of their awareness campaign for World Refugee Day on 20th June.

Inspired by original project “The Most Important Thing” by photographer Brian Sokol, the UNHCR asked former refugees, members of the general public, and some celebrities what they would (or did) choose. Here’s a small sampling of the answers they received:

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    • David Tennant (Scottish actor) – photograph of my family
    • Khalid Hosseini (author, former Afghanistan refugee) – watch given to me by my father when I was 13, my most prized possession
    • Neil Gaiman (British author) – I would take a photograph of my three children
    • Sebadiri Mbarushimana (refugee) – shirt and some other pieces of cloth, which kept them warm at night and protected them from thorns while they were escaping into the bush
    • Paula Abdul (American singer) – my dogs
    • Maung Sar Tun Aung and family (refugees) – a bag containing clothes and medicine for their children
    • Romola Garai (British actress) – treasured letters and mementos

To learn more about World Refugee Day please visit their website. You can also make a donation at this link or create your own fundraising page.

You can see more photos and stories, and add your own, on their Pinterest page The Most Important Thing.

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