As we reported earlier, David Tennant’s new BBC series The Escape Artist won’t air until this autumn, but Sainsbury’s and Amazon UK already have the DVD available for pre-order with a release date of 28th October.

Since then we’ve learned that some lovely fan concept art has been featured as placeholder artwork for the DVD cover on Sainsbury’s website. You can visit this link to see it at the Sainsbury’s site, and her artwork is also featured here on deviantArt.

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In The Escape Artist, David Tennant plays Will Burton, known as “The Escape Artist” because of his talent of maneuvering his clients out of tight legal corners. Since he’s never lost a case, Will is naturally in high demand. But when he gets an acquittal for the prime suspect in a horrific murder trial, his brilliance comes back to bite him, with unexpected and chilling results. Written by David Wolstencroft and directed by Brian Welsh, The Escape Artist also stars Tony Gardner, Ashley Jensen, Toby Kebbell, and Sophie Okonedo. For more on this series, see our dedicated pages.

Thanks to @Manipulator73/@ifourdezign on Twitter for the tip – great job!

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