The Decoy Bride, starring David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald and Alice Eve, was released in Italy over the weekend and one of our Forum members was lucky enough to get to see the film. She was thrilled by the movie and wrote us a review.


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David Tennant in The Decoy Bride   Pic: Ecosse Films


Hello everybody!

I saw “The Decoy Bride” in Rome last Saturday and I want to dedicate my personal review to all DT fans!

“The Decoy Bride” (Una Sposa in Affitto) is one of the loveliest British comedies ever seen in the last few years! The plot is quite simple with three main characters:

– A famous actress, pestered by an Italian paparazzo, who decides in order to sidetrack him to go and secretly marry her fiancé, a writer, on the Scottish island of Hegg, the setting of her fiancé’s novel.

– A handsome writer who wrote his first novel “The Ornithologist’s Wife” using the Island of Hegg as the setting without having the slightest idea of what Hegg is like in reality; he seems to love Lara only because of an Internet survey saying 85% males would like to date her, and furthermore since his relationship with Lara he is not able to write a single word.

– A thirty-something girl, who split from her last boyfriend when he marries another girl and, not expecting to find Mr Right, she finds him….in a abandoned public toilet in the island!

The movie is delightful, amusing – the scene showing David/James trying to play the bagpipes for an old pair who mistake him for a popular seventies singer and appreciate the performance because they are both deaf, the real reason for the success of the novel on the island, the fight between James and the paparazzo- never vulgar, really a little jewel, well directed, well played by the whole cast. David Tennant shines, as always, he’s handsome, amusing, a little bit snobbish at the beginning, and very romantic at the end. He offers to all his female fans (me to begin with) a wonderful strip with a funny surprise. Also very good is Michael Urie as Lara’s agent, and Kelly MacDonald as Katie. I also liked the actress playing Kathy’s mother (Maureen Beattie).

The only negative point is about the marketing of this movie in Italy. No Italian version of the trailer, no playbill in the theatre. I have to thank the Internet, where I got information about theatres and everything.

At last my vote. The picture is really good, 3 and half stars out of 5. David of course gets the maximum. I’d really love to see more of my favourite actor on big screen.

Thank you for the attention and bye everyone!


Many thanks to DT-Forum member loulou68 from Italy for sending us her review.




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