Following on from the UK premiere tonight, we have a Fright Night review by Eloise

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The film kicks off with a bang, as you’re thrown straight into the action, the striking 3D effects bringing you even more into the moment.  The plot plays on a childhood fear many have encountered, the new neighbour acting strangely, kicking your imagination into overdrive. Except this neighbour really is dangerous. Our main character, the unlikely teenage hero Charlie, portrayed by relatively new actor Anton Yelchin brings this fear to the big screen, as I would rate the best horror comedy since Zombieland.  Alongside Yelchin is the UK’s answer to Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, our very own David Tennant as Peter Vincent the laidback, magician come vampire killer, with more swearing, more flare and a hell of alot more eyeliner. Set in Las Vegas, it’s not only the desert that’s hot, Colin Farrell sizzles on our screen as the dark, mysterious and handsome vampire Jerry, who’s taking no hostages. It’s not just another vampire film, this is an action comedy with a good bite. Curtains drawn on Twilight, this is Fright Night, the new beginning. The Master of Darkness has arrived…

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