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Acorn Media has released the DVD, Penguins: Spy in the Huddle today, two weeks before anyone else. Through the use of hidden cameras, John Downer Production were able to film penguins in their natural habitat. Narrated by David Tennant, this three part series shows the growth of three different species of penguins – from hatching to adult.

Purchase the DVD from Acorn Media at the discounted price of £14.99 (regular £17.99) today.

Details from Acorn Media:

David Tennant narrates an insight into this most intriguing and comical of birds, beginning with three different species’ journeys to reach their breeding grounds. Emperor penguins cross a treacherous frozen sea, and rockhoppers brave stormy seas before they come ashore and face a daunting assault up a 300ft cliff, where they are vulnerable to predators. Meanwhile, the tropical humboldts have to evade sea lions, dodge vampire bats and battle sea birds before they can lay their eggs in the desert. All the while, their every move is being secretly filmed by hidden spy technology, including robotic penguins with cameras for eyes.


“…astonishing, revealing and very cute.” – The Times
“An amusing and fascinating insight into some of nature’s most devoted parents.” – Daily Mail
“Your heart can’t help but melt…” – The Sun
“There is so much to love about this series…” – TV Times

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