BBC America will be showing four brand new Doctor Who documentary specials in the run up to the new season. The first episode premieres on 4th August and is preceded by the three documentaries from last year: Best of the Companions, Best of the Monsters and Best of the Doctor. The episodes feature clips from episodes starring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Doctor.


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Episode details

The Science Of Doctor Who: Exploring the real life science behind the biggest concepts and most iconic ideas in Doctor Who. Saturday 4th August 9pm/8c

The Women Of Doctor Who: Behind every great Time Lord there’s a great woman. Whether they’re busting Daleks or the Doctor’s ego, the women of Doctor Who prove that you don’t need testosterone to save the universe. Saturday 11th August 9pm/8c


The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who: When the Doctor’s around, tomorrow is yesterday, yesterday is tomorrow and 18th century France is in your fireplace. Confused yet? Watch The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who. You’ve already seen it in the future. Saturday 18th August 9pm/8c

The Destinations of Doctor Who: Leave the beach towel at home and take a trip to the end of the Earth – literally. From the Starship UK to one very haunted hotel, you won’t find the destinations of Doctor Who in any guidebook. Saturday 25th August 9pm/8c


Season seven of Doctor Who is due to premiere on UK screens in the autumn, coming to BBC America shortly after

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