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Filming of Nativity 2 has been continuing in a number of locations around Wales and the East Midlands.

Last week, helicopter pilot Martyn Hake tweeted some location shots from a quarry in Wales when he had been involved in filming a stunt sequence with Joanna Page and David Tennant. David was pictured in harness dangling from a cliff face; whether he was enjoying the experience or not it’s hard to tell from the photos, although we do recall him being less than enamoured of wire work during his Doctor Who days. Other set pictures by Martyn can be seen here and here. Martyn reported later that the weather had subsequently taken a turn for the worse leaving him and the helicopter trapped temporarily in Wales.

On Friday, production moved to Warwick Castle, where there were various reported sightings of both David Tennant and Joanna Page. David was snapped filming in front of the castle by Tweeter Ruth Harvey. With slicked back hair, a sharp suit and glasses, his appearance was very different to the damp, bedraggled, mud-splattered images we have been used to seeing lately, so it is very likely that this is the first glimpse we have had of the more successful Peterson twin.

Today the cast and crew spent 12 hours filming around Stratford-upon-Avon, leaving the cold, rainy days of Wales behind them for a cold and foggy Warwickshire. There were also a few interesting tidbits on the Twitter. A new make-up artist arrived to work with the crew for the week and had a number of complementary things to say about David Tennant.

As we have heard from others in the past, David takes the time to get to know the names of the people he is working with and introduced himself to the new crew member. They also seemed to be having a good time on the set. We’re not sure what the full story is but David Tennant seems to like dancing around his trailer with hot towel on his face.  But it has to have been a good day when you feel like dancing!

It seems that filming on Nativity 2 will be drawing to a close in the next week or so. Certainly Marc Wootton (Mr. Poppy) will be wrapping on the 25th of November as he is moving on to a new project in the USA. The main shoot is thought to be wrapping around the 29th.


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