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David Tennant News by DT Forum is an Unofficial David Tennant News Blog created with Love from Fans to the Fans. We write about news based around David Tennant’s career as an actor, director, voice-over artist and humanitarian. Our news is only about David Tennant. We love to promote everyone so don’t be surprised to read articles about some of the cast members, the creative team or locations as well.

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379858_2856490178030_324861654_nAbout Diane Malkin

Diane is a huge David Tennant fan and proud Whovian. From the UK, a mum of two, married 25 years. Editor and writer for the DT Forum, lover of the theatre, cinema, good British TV drama, convention attendee and panel guest following a trip to the US and Wizard World Comic Con in 2015.

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About Dana LaMarche

Dana LaMarcheDana is a nurse, a mom and a passionate David Tennant fan! She lives in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA and has been inspired by Doctor Who and all things British since American public television began showing fine British programming in the 1970s and 80s. A recent thrill was her trip to London to attend 3 performances of Richard II at the Barbican in December 2013.

About Patti Browning

Patti is a passionate David Tennant and Doctor Who fan who lives in Arlington, Texas in the USA. She digs researching and finding out interesting and unique details about the things she loves – which, these days, means everything DT. That also means she adds to the DT Forum site pages and tries to keep the info flowing! She does genealogy, reads, writes fiction, and loves all things geek!

About Susan Hewitt


Susan Hewitt is the Editor and Site Owner of the DT Forum. She is a big theatre buff who is thrilled that she can finally go to RSC frequently. In addition to theatre, she has been a fan of Doctor Who and all things Sci-Fi since childhood.

In her spare time, she works full-time in the semi-conductor industry making computer chips that make pretty pictures.

About Jeri Yuttayong

Jeri Yuttayong
Jeri Yuttayong

Jeri is a Doctor Who enthusiast and an avid David Tennant fan. She’s from Nashville, TN, USA. She enjoys British crime dramas and is a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jeri has great passion for independent films and riding motorcycles. She also thrives on great conversations about David and his brilliant professional life.

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