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This past Sunday at #Midnight we heard about David Tennant’s childhood Nativity roles – the innkeeper who only got one line and a non-speaking Joseph who was drowned out by the Mary who wouldn’t shut up. All in all very disappointing parts.

Well David has a chance to redeem his pass Nativity misses with the juicy role of Mary in the Christian O’Connell’s Absolute Radio Breakfast Show written by you on Twitter.

Tweet Christian at @OC with the tag #Twitivity to have your ideas / words included in the Absolute Radio’s script. And tune into Absolute Radio to hear it performed live by David Tennant and the cast of many other embarrassed people on Friday 21st Decembers show. (We have heard that the full speaking role of Joseph will be played by Christian.)

BTW David was asked the role in his Midnight talk this past Sunday. He just got back from California and is catching up the plans for the play. He is sure it will be totally inappropriate given that Christian is involved.

Thanks to David-Tennant.com for the heads-up

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