If you all remember, last Christmas, David Tennant was filming United in the December cold, cold weather. But he took a side trip to to join in the annual iCAP Charity Day. The 18th December 2010 event raised £12.1 million (US$19 million) worldwide for over 200 charities worldwide. This year’s event raised £12.75 million. Not bad for a bunch of people in suits.

There were pictures of David talking on two phones, Prince William and some very sensible “serious” people dressed up as pirates and Robin complete with red tights.

‘Robin’’s wife runs a great blog called the Mummy Whisperer and has the good taste to adore David Tennant. She re-tweeted her blog on last year’s iCap and not meeting David Tennant at the event. We thought it deserved a re-read.

You can find her blog at http://mummywhispererblog.com and her story “How David Tennant Made My Day” here.

For information on iCap Charity Day go to http://iCapCharityDay.com

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