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This Friday, September 2nd,  David Tennant was on Absolute Radio’s Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show and talked to five of our DT Forum members.  Jill (Visionthing) from the UK, Cheyenne (Cheyenne) from Belgium, Wend (Woosters) from the USA, Zoe (McDonald71) from the UK and Deborah (FantasyMe) from the USA had a chance to talk to David.   Rather amazing that so many of our forum were on the show!!

 So we thought we’d give our members a few more minutes of fame. So Delenn — the DT Forum’s Head Admin – interviewed our Five Famous Forum Friends about their time talking to the TSSB.  

 So let’s get right to the interview!!!  



Delenn: What did you do to get on the show?

VisionThing: I phoned in for the Make David Say Wow feature.

Cheyenne: Actually, I signed up for the wake-up call and voicemail message. I had this feeling they wouldn’t pick me anyway, but when I heard they were looking for 10 people from around the world, I started calling the studio. I called the number they give you on the website, but I didn’t get through. The line was engaged! After trying 20 times, I sent a mail to the studio

McDonald71: I went onto the Absolute Radio website – on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show homepage – and filled in the online form for the DT Concierge Service.  I said I wanted to be called at 08:25 and reminded to set off in plenty of time for my appointment with the osteopath later that morning.  I also said that it would make my year if David could also please wish me happy birthday for Sunday, and also mentioned that I’d bought my ticket to see ‘Fright Night’ the next day.

FantasyMe: I just dialed in. Of course, there a been some failed attempts at international calling in the past. I think Christian had just said If you want to talk to DT from anywhere in the world. It was for the conference call

VisionThing: So the same thing that Cheyenne was in?

FantasyMe: Yes.

Woosters: I filled out a concierge request on the Christian O’ Connell Breakfast Show website. Can’t remember it exactly but something along the lines of “I will have been out drinking with the girls that night and wanted DT to call and remind to drink some water and take some aspirin so I don’t have a massive hangover on the long drive to our lake house for the holiday weekend getaway”



Delenn: Who did you talk to first?

VisionThing: It rang for a while then someone answered, which really surprised me. It was Richie, possibly. 

Cheyenne: I sent a quick mail telling them I was from Belgium and would love to say Hi to Mr. Tennant. Also told them I had to go to school in an hour. 10 minutes after I sent the mail, a +44 number called me. It was Richie!

McDonald71: I had an automated email reply from the station first to say that my email had been received, then as 08:25 had passed, I didn’t think they’d picked me.  Then at 08:40, I heard Christian and Richie saying that they were about to call someone they should have called 15 minutes ago (hardly daring to hope that it would be me), then the phone rang – and it was David! 😀

VisionThing: In fact, just before they called Zoe they made out as though they were going to say the number, and then David said “Initials ZB”. And the Twitter party exploded!

Delenn: Well ZB who else could it be. 😀

Cheyenne: It was really funny! He said ‘Bonjour, Cheyenne from Belgique?’. I told him he could say Belgium and that I spoke English. He said he was going to put me on hold. It was the first time ever for me on the radio, so I asked for some information. He said I was about to say Hi to David and that I had to wait.

McDonald71: I was surprised by that – when they called Wendy, they actually said her full name first.  Obviously when they called Lily, they couldn’t let on as it was a birthday surprise.

Woosters: Well I have a story about that, but not sure how involved you want me to be in my answers – I do have a gift of gab 😉

Delenn: Let’s hear it

Woosters: I had been drinking and the show was about to start and I went to make another Fright Night Lemonade so I turned up my laptop really loud so I could hear from the kitchen.  Came back with my drink and went to turn the volume back down and the volume button was stuck. So it was blaringly loud. 

Delenn: Fright Night Lemonade?? You mean Midori?

Woosters: All of a sudden, my phone started ringing – hear I am trying to answer the phone and beating the hell out of my laptop to lower the volume. 

Woosters: I answer, just SURE it would be a producer from the show – but NO – it is David Tennant himself!

Visionthing: Fright Night Lemonade is Midori, Vodka & cranberry juice, isn’t it?

McDonald71: I can’t get Midori in my local supermarket… 🙁 

Delenn: You don’t want it. Tastes like crap

McDonald71: I remember Ross on ‘Friends’ rather liked it (but Joey didn’t)…

Woosters: But I can’t hear David on the phone because there is a delay between him on the phone and what is blaring on my laptop. n the meantime I’m trying to hold my composure and carry on a conversation while still beating the hell out of my stuck laptop volume key. Finally I just took the laptop and pitched it across the room and ran away down the hall to escape the din

Delenn: And he’s got an echo in his ear  BTW, close the lid next time.  😀

Woosters: …. um Delenn – the start of the conversation was (I’d been drinking…) 😉  So obviously rational thought was gone already

 ha ha!

McDonald71: I was lying in bed, half awake, thinking, ‘It’s Wendy!’ :}


Delenn: Okay back to the rest of you. What happened when you first got through?

VisionThing: Richie asked me what my story was. I said I once went drinking with the Pogues. He said “The Pope? How did that happen?” and I corrected him but agreed it would have been an even more brilliant story. He said he though mine sounded like a Wow and put me on hold. Being on hold at that point when you know who you are going to be talking to is the worst thing ever

Cheyenne: Yes! Horrible, felt like waiting for hours and I couldn’t stand still

VisionThing: Thought I was going to pass out. Or have a heart attack!  In fact, my heart has started pounding again just thinking about it. That’s how bad it was!

McDonald71: Well, as I said, when they said that they were going to call someone they should have called 15 minutes earlier, I thought, surely it can’t be me?  And then the phone rang – it was an 020 number on the display, so I knew it was London and who it was going to be!  I just had time to switch off my radio and mobile (in case of interference) before I picked it up…  I was having terrible palpitations – especially since I knew who was going to be at the other end…

Delenn: You had enough sense to turn off the radio?  Cool thinking under pressure.

McDonald71: I’ve heard people on phone-ins before where they’ve left radios on and they’ve caused interference, and the host has asked them to turn it off.

VisionThing: Yes, I put everything on mute too. When you are on hold you are listening to the show down the phone.

McDonald71: He said, ‘Hello, is that Zoe Brown?’ – I said, ‘it certainly is’, and thought I was going to faint (or die)…! 😉

FantasyMe: Not sure who the first person was. He told me to call back in about 20 min. The next person I talked to sounded like Richie

Delenn: That sounds risky.  Getting though twice

FantasyMe: I really had no trouble at all. I think they had my name and were expecting me.

Delenn: So the second time was Richie.  Did he ask you anything?

FantasyMe: Hmm. Just my name and where I was calling from. Can’t remember any other questions from him


Delenn: Okay Woosters wins the panic contest.  FantasyMe and Zoe win the cool under pressure contest. Visionthing and Cheyenne win the heart failure contest

McDonald71: Cool contest? Palpitations contest, more like…! 🙂 

Woosters: So hence the reason I’m laughing my ass off in the beginning of the conversation and over talking David – because I’ve just had my own “Funniest Home Videos” moment. 

Delenn: Okay drunken Wend on the phone, laptop in the background and no one is listening to David!

Visionthing: Cheyenne and I had hanging on the telephone hell. Hence we both went to pieces

Delenn: I think Wend and Zoe got the better end of it

Woosters: Weeeelllll until he said he was purring in my ear and then I managed to pay attention 😉

McDonald71: Ooh, I loved that bit!

Delenn: So the TSSB had to resort to purring to get you to listen.  😀  Talk about being a hard sell 


Delenn: So back the heart failure crowd.  When did you first know David was on the line?

Cheyenne: I waited and waited. I really didn’t know what to think! On the phone, I could hear their radio conversation live while my PC was 1min behind. I told my mother they put me on hold and she came upstairs with a camera and started filming me! When they started with the international phone call, my hearts was beating like mad, but I felt really calm. I heard the girl from Australia, then Honolulu and then suddenly Belgium. I didn’t think and just went for it!

VisionThing: I had to wait for another caller. Then I heard Christian saying my name and I was through!

Cheyenne: hearts? I’m not the Doctor XD

VisionThing: I spoke to Christian first, then I heard David talking to me

Cheyenne: The first thing I thought was: Well, let’s say good morning! 

FantasyMe: Well, I was the last one in line. But just a few minutes before David spoke. I was kind of in a daze. They asked me about the hurricane.  By the time it got here it was a tropical storm. But the town I live in was relatively unscathed. Other places nearby were badly hit. I felt bad even talking about it.

VisionThing: I waited for ages.  All the way through the Oasis song, then some chat, possibly even some ads, then they had another caller on before me.

FantasyMe: I was told to call back so the charges wouldn’t be so high

VisionThing: I was dying!

FantasyMe: I felt strangely calm Didn’t know what anyone was going to say.

VisionThing: Bear in mind I was in full blind panic by they got back to me. I mean I’ve spoken to David face to face three times now, and this was nothing like it, even with the anticipation of being at the stage door. I think it was because I was on my own.  At the stage door you have some mutual support, of course. And you know there aren’t thousands of people listening in to your conversation! 


Delenn: What about you Wooster? Was anyone with you or were you running about throwing laptops and ignoring DT by yourself?

Woosters: Trust me I wasn’t ignoring DT, just couldn’t hear him because of the possessed laptop. It was just after 1am and the girls had left so sadly no one to witness my Lucille Ball slapstick drunken comedy routine with tossing laptops

Delenn: Okay so purring he got your attention what was next?

Woosters: Well then Christian commented that David sounded a bit creepy and was he trying to be the David Tennant Sex line – and the thought of the David Tennant Sex Line sent me off into another drunken giggle fit.

Delenn: Is purring better or sympathy?

McDonald71: He’s right here with me, you know (sadly not literally)…

Woosters: PURRING – I’ll take purring any day – any way!!

Visionthing: Ooh, a Tennant sex line! Can’t say I’d object to that!!!

McDonald71: You mean you wouldn’t like to hear David say your name about a dozen times in the space of three minutes?

Visionthing: I got a nice helloooo and then it all went swiftly downhill

Woosters: I have to admit I really did like the purring… 

McDonald71: Actually David could describe even the most mundane activity and we’d all pay good money to listen to him…

Delenn: Okay Zoe — I do think Wend wins just a bit with the purring

Woosters: Wait – let’s not make this into a contest – ANYONE who gets a call from DT is a winner! 😉

Delenn: I think you all were winners

Woosters: If he called to tell me I had an overdue bill – I’d still be over the moon 🙂

Delenn: Five calls to the DT forum members — kind of amazing

Visionthing: What, even me? A winner? Pfft!

Woosters: Absolutely – drunken Pogue Floozy – what’s not to love?? 😀


Delenn: How about the rest of you? Were you alone or with someone else?

Cheyenne: My Mum was with me, filming. But when I heard David replied to my ‘Hello, good morning!’ it was like I was alone. Just me and David. At that moment, I didn’t even think about all those people listening! My Mum couldn’t believe I was on the radio.

McDonald71: I was alone in my room – my mum was listening in the kitchen, but I had my door closed, again in case of radio interference. My mum was the only person who knew I’d sent the request – I really wasn’t expecting they’d pick me, but I told her what time I’d asked for and she made sure she was listening.  Afterwards I ran down the hall screaming and we jumped up and down and hugged each other for about ten minutes – I couldn’t say anything other than ‘Oh my God!’ over and over again!  My friends have all been fantastic – they knew how much this meant to me – and I’ve been inundated with lovely messages ever since!  My Mum said that as soon as the phone rang, she thought, ‘it’s him!’ – and then just waited until I’d finished and came and told her.

FantasyMe: I was alone.

Cheyenne’s Video 


Delenn: So what was the best part of your answer? or conversation?

VisionThing: Ha! None of it. David said my name and it all went rapidly downhill from there.

Cheyenne: The best part was when David said my name wrong and blamed Ritchie! Loved how he said my name afterwards and said he knew it.

McDonald71: I was so happy that I was able to tell him how much I’d enjoyed ‘Much Ado’ – I hadn’t been able to get near enough at the stage door, but I did send David a thank-you card saying that and also that I hoped he’d liked the present I’d left with Steve. I also couldn’t believe that David was empathizing with me about my back, and that he kept saying my name so many times – I’d wondered for ages how it would sound if he said it, and now I know! 🙂

Cheyenne: Didn’t have the chance to say that much.

Woosters: I loved that I said Night Sausage to him and his subsequent reaction – and the way Christian just ran with it. 

Woosters: Sadly I didn’t hear all that until much later because once again I had hung up the moment I said Night, Sausage and my laptop was a somewhat shattered mess after I sailed it across the room. So wasn’t until later when someone shared a replay of the show did I hear their reactions

McDonald71: Might David have thought that ‘sausage’ was a reference to the ingredients for his Snack Genius? He didn’t seem familiar with it being used as a term of endearment…

Woosters: I’m sure David had NO IDEA what I meant by Night Sausage – it was just a term of endearment, similar to Hun, Sweetie, Love, Chicken, etc. Just a sweet pet name a friend of mine uses for him that I absolutely loved

McDonald71: I’ve called people ‘chicken’ in my time…

Woosters: And then with “courage through cocktails” when David said Na-Night Wendy, I without thinking said Night Sausage. 

Woosters: To which, David asked, Did she just say Night Sausage? Night Sausage? To which COC saucily responded, That is DT’s next big film, Night Sausage – no script yet, but it will be called Night Sausage – shot in 3D with Midori as the official drink 😉

Woosters: Just loved that I actually said that to DT and that he was so discombobulated by it 😉



Delenn: Okay what is the worst part of the call. Did you do anything you wish you hadn’t?

McDonald71: I was worried I was giggling a bit too much – and that I was interrupting when I was trying to back David up about his singing, but he kept saying ‘listen to Zoe’, which I thought was really sweet!  

VisionThing: I lost control of the conversation, let it go off in a way that I didn’t want to. And I was stupid, because I know how live radio works and they need to vet callers and stories but like an idiot I tried to up the stakes and tell another unchecked story and ended up getting cut off when what I should have done was admt defeat and turn it round to thanking David for MAAN or something.  Oh well

Cheyenne: No, but thanks to OC it was like David didn’t hear my reply about meeting DT. I said I’ve been trying to meet DT for over 2 years. David asked what sort of meeting. When I wanted to reply, OC said ‘in the safest possible way’ and that’s why I think DT didn’t hear my reply

Cheyenne: I wish I could say a bit more and that I didn’t hang up at the end!

Delenn: You missed the world cheer bit didn’t you?

Cheyenne: Yeah 🙁

VisionThing: But that’s what blind panic does to you!

Cheyenne: I didn’t know about that bit!  Richie didn’t tell me that! 

VisionThing: Two of you hung up – the Welsh person did too

Cheyenne: When I discovered the Zing Zang Zulu bit, I could cry!  I didn’t know there was this big Zing Zang Zulu shout at the end

FantasyMe: I was a little worried that I might have sounded silly trying to talk while Christian wanted to get on with the conference call. I felt a bit rushed.  I don’t think I would have mentioned the storm if I could do it again. I would like to have said how much I enjoyed Fright Night.  Oh and our ZingZangZulu sounded so lame.

Woosters: Well, once again, I wish I could have spoken more. I swear that 3/4 of my 3 minutes is just me laughing. However in hindsight while it wasn’t the conversation I had hoped to have with David Tennant I truly think it made for a fun 3 minutes of radio.

Visionthing: it was brilliant!

McDonald71: I thought so – I was giggling too!

Woosters: And….c’mon – ANY 3 minute telephone call from David Tennant?? BEST. NIGHT. EVER.


Delenn: So have you all listened to yourselves?

McDonald71: Yes, but I really didn’t want to at first – I hate the sound of my voice…

Visionthing: I played mine back as soon as the clip was posted and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. But it took a good dose of Fright Night to put things right.

Delenn: You never sound like you think you do in your head

Woosters: Oh I listened to it as quickly as I could – just to hear how strangely it came off – because once again for the first few minutes I really could barely hear him, so I was somewhat “answering blindly”.  I was quite a bit tipsy, so wanted to know if I was slurring and REALLY wanted to hear what they said after I said “Night, Sausage”


Delenn: Okay so now that OC put you on the spot, how do you want to put him on the spot?  Any complaints / comments to the other guy?

Cheyenne: Maybe when OC said ‘in the safest possible way’ to make sure I didn’t start a whole conversation?

VisionThing: Nothing from me. Except I’m not some sort of Pogues groupie. It was all about the drinking!

Cheyenne: I feel a bit sad about that  and stupid because I hung up. OC still cool though. Wish I could thank him personally for making my dream come true

VisionThing: But I’d do it again. Any time. Go through all of that stress of being on hold when your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest and your body feels like ice and you feel like you are wearing blinkers, your field of vision narrows so much. And run the risk of making myself sound like a complete babbling idiot in front of hundreds of thousands of live listeners. And say something so stupid I get cut off instantly. I’d do it again right now, just to hear David talk to me again. Right now

Cheyenne: I just want to thank Mr. OC for making my dream come true. I’m 16 and been trying to meet or talk to DT for over 2 years. When Richie called me, I could kiss the whole Breakfast team! But the bit that made me a bit sad was that OC interrupted me. Don’t know if he meant to do that, but I just wish David had heard my reply and that I could thank him. If I could, I would go back in time and do all this over again

VisionThing: You and I both need a TARDIS, Cheyenne!

Cheyenne: I have a mini one next to me now! 

McDonald71: So would I – I never thought they’d pick me in a million years, and to pick up the phone and hear David talking to me and asking how I am – I’ll never forget it as long as I live.  I’m so glad that someone was able to record it for me, too.  I posted on Christian’s Facebook page to say thank-you, so please do thank him again – it was the best birthday present I’ve ever had! ;D

FantasyMe: Keep quiet and let David talk to me!

Delenn: So you think Christian should have be fish slapped instead of David then?

VisionThing: I’d volunteer for that

FantasyMe: Some day he will, I’m sure.

Delenn: Okay one order of fish slapping from the DT Forum

VisionThing: LOL


Delenn: Last question. Anything else you would like to say to David?

McDonald71: How long have you got…? 🙂

Delenn: LOL.  Not that long Zoe.

VisionThing: I never got the chance to thank him and Catherine and the rest of the cast and crew for the magnificent summer of Much Ado About Nothing, so I’d like to do that, and hope he makes it back on stage again soon. 

FantasyMe: I can’t imagine.  I’m sure something would come to me in the moment.  I guess that was fun

Cheyenne: I want to thank David for making my dream come true. Also thank him for saying my name, even though he said it wrong at the beginning. He made my life worthwhile and gave me new hope. Now I know it’s not impossible to meet him and wish him all the best.

VisionThing: I would have asked him to thanks Steve from us all too! 

McDonald71: Thank you so much for calling me, David – you’ve made me so happy!  I was so touched that you took the time to ask about me, and were so sympathetic – I really wasn’t expecting it.  You were so brilliant in ‘Much Ado’, and I hope it won’t be long before you’re back on stage again.  You’re a truly wonderful, kind and generous man – thank you for all the pleasure and entertainment you’ve given me.

Woosters: Wow- see this is what happened to me at Stage Door when I met him at Much Ado About Nothing 4 weeks ago. There are so many things I’d like to ask or tell him, that it becomes overwhelming and I just become mute and smile

Visionthing: It was easier talking to him face to face. In fact last time, I didn’t even let the poor lad get a word in edgeways!

Woosters: I went completely mute when I met him face to face at stage door. I at least got a few words in during our phone conversation.

Woosters: I think I would like to say as an amateur actor I find the things he has done to be extraordinary.I couldn’t even pick whether I like seeing him in productions like MAAN or Hamlet more than I enjoy his movies, TV shows or his audio work. I really appreciate his diversity in his projects. :And as someone who has done a bit of radio work in my early years, I am SO impressed with his vocal talents in radio plays and audiobook recordings

Visionthing: I would say I love his capacity to surprise us with every new project and to give a unique twist to roles that we might think are obvious and prescribed


Delenn: Well that is that the last question but we have one more important item.  Somebody needs Birthday wishes!!   Happy Birthday Zoe!!

VisionThing: Yes, Happy birthday!

FantasyMe: Woosters:  Happy Birthday.

McDonald71: Thanks everyone! :} 

Cheyenne: Happy birthday Zoe ;D 


Delenn:  Thank you everyone for taking the time and congrats on talking to David.  That’s it for now. Good Night.


P.S.  Just in case you wanted that Fright Night Lemonade recipe, here it is:  http://woosterstumblr.tumblr.com/post/9454320130




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