Twenty Twelve On Australian TV Tonight

Twenty Twelve   Pic: BBC


BBC comedy show Twenty Twelve reaches Australia tonight. The first episode debuts later this evening on UKTV at 9.05pm and is repeated two hours later on UKTV+2. There is a repeat on Sunday night at 7.00pm (9.00pm on UKTV+2)


The spoof documentary series follows the fictional Olympic Deliverance Committee in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. It stars Hugh Bonneville, Olivia Colman and Jessica Hynes and is narrated by David Tennant.


From the UKTV website:

Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, Olivia Colman and Amelia Bullmore star in this six-part comedy drama about the people paddling hard beneath the water to make the Olympics happen in London in 2012. Filmed in a documentary style, Twenty Twelve deals with such hot topics as how to phase the traffic lights across London to get people from west to east; who to sell the Taekwondo hall to after the event; what to do when protesters leave large quantities of horse dung on the doorstep in protest at the siting of the equestrian events, and how to cope with sportsmen who want to help but are just too dull. From getting a busload of non-English speaking Brazilians from A to B, who to appoint to run the Cultural Olympiad and what to do when the much-vaunted wind turbines won’t turn because there’s no wind, it’s all in a day’s work for the men and women whose job it is to stage the greatest sporting event in the world.


The Sydney Morning Herald recommended the show as one of its Picks of the Week yesterday.


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