The Decoy Bride: Australian DVD Pre-Order Details

David Tennant & Kelly MacDonald - The Decoy Brde   Ecosse Films


Preorder details are now available for the DVD release of The Decoy Bride in Australia


David Tennant stars in the romantic comedy as pretentious writer James who is set to marry his film star girlfriend Lara (Alice Eve). When their wedding plans are thrown awry by the persistence of the press, James and Lara go into hiding on a remote Scottish island and employ a local girl as a decoy bride. But when circumstances throw James and decoy Katie (Kelly MacDonald) together, their initial hostility towards one another starts to turn to a mutual attraction …


The film was written by Sally Phillips and Neil Jarowski and was directed by Sheree Folkson. It was filmed on location on the Isle Of Man and in Scotland in the summer of 2010 and had a limited cinema release in the UK and the USA in March 2012


The Decoy Bride is released on Region 4 DVD and on Blu-ray on 11th July 2012. Pre-orders can now be placed here (other DVD retailers are available):

The Decoy Bride


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