Running The One Show 1000 Mile – A Forum Member's Account

The One Show Challenge   Pic: Mel Tye


One of our Forum moderators took part in The One Show 1000 Challenge last night. Read her account of the Mile here:


Well tonight I became a One Show 1000 Runner. Here is a short blog on what it was like.

9:00pm Tuesday 20th March 2012. – I am picked up from home to be taken to Heddon-on-the-wall in Newcastle for our meeting point.

Had a nice chat with the driver who asked what I was doing so I said “I am running a mile for the One Show.”

“Oh, I watched that tonight wow, good luck.” he said and I thanked him.

9:20pm- I arrived at the meeting point, a pub called The Three Tuns. The Taxi Driver offered to wait for me – Bless him- but I said I wouldn’t be back till around 1:00am.

So I went into the bar. They had no idea that The One Show 1000 Runners were meeting here, but then a man from the team came in and apologised and said that the person who should have informed them would be getting a stern talking to!

So, then the kind lady made me a coffee. Then slowly the runners turned up. By 10pm we were told that 3 hadn’t made it so 3 of us volunteered to do an extra mile – me being one of them.

But by 10:15pm we had 11 runners and I was down to 1 mile again -Whoo Hooo. I became number 451. I got chatting to a man who was running and he works for Sainsbury’s who do loads for Sport Relief and Comic Relief. The staff – including him, have done a brilliant video…so please click this link and watch it – it’s fun!

So after getting numbers and other things we all pile into the mini bus and set off to meet the other bus.

Sadly we weren’t filmed but our photos will be up on here - and you can track the runners. We had a laugh and it turned out 2 of us would be dressing up.

This was me this morning -

The other person was dressed as a convict. We chatted to each other and cheered each other on.

I got a lot of good luck messages and texts – Thanks to the DT-Forum.

Then it came to my mile.

It started off ok, there is a guy on a bike with you, 2 cars and the mini bus. It was a very hilly part of Newcastle. I managed to jog/run the first half a mile and the I had to walk the last. It was a mild and clear night. The odd person was out and cheered us on and the cars tooted as they passed.

Then I hear a toot on the horn from our car, I had done my mile. So tired with a stitch I high fived the next member and go my picture taken.

It was fun and I am glad I did it.

I am also doing the Sport Relief Mile on Sunday please if you can spare a £1 by going to here -

or here –

and to those who have already sponsored thank you so much.

We all enjoyed our miles and good luck to the other One Show 1000 Runners.

Here is a photo of what I get as a keep sake


One Show Goody Bag   Pic: Mel Tye


Thank you again

Mel Tye – Sauciemel.


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