New One-Off Drama: The Minor Character


David Tennant will be playing the role of Will a ‘witty, acerbic artist’ in a one-off drama for Sky Arts. The production is based on a short story by Will Self which is included in The Undivided Self, a collection of the writer’s short stories.


The production is one of the titles in a new strand called Playhouse Presents that is part of a new lineup of drama and comedies which is announced by the channel following a large budget increase. Emma Thompson will feature in another drama in the season, as will Trevor Eve and Tom Jones, making his acting debut. Other major coups by Sky Arts are the relaunch of The South Bank Show with Melvyn Bragg and the return of Michael Parkinson.


You can download and listen to a recording of Will Self reading The Minor Character via Self’s own website.


Source, and more new programme details: The Guardian



  2 comments for “New One-Off Drama: The Minor Character

  1. kerry anne rowley
    24/02/2012 at 11:53 AM

    i just wonted to say david tennant is amazing and i am a great fan of him he`s good looking and i am a great fan of doctor who i cried really bad when david left doctor who becouse he got me intrested in his adventure and when he regenarated i cried everyday xxx

  2. kerry anne rowley
    24/02/2012 at 12:14 PM

    i love david tennant im a huge fan of him since doctor who iv whatched most of his film single farther and cried and ther one i haven`t whatched is fright night with in it i am looking forward to whatching it xx

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