Listen To Believe It! – Episode One Today

David Tennant & Richard Wilson   Pics: BBC

Believe It! the new four-part radio comedy series starring Richard Wilson starts today on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30am. The first episode, Drink, reveals why Richard gets drunk every 25th November.


Believe It! is described as “the hilarious, bizarre, revealing (and, most importantly, untrue) celebrity radiography of Richard Wilson.”  Richard narrates a version of his life story that he describes as about 5% true with the help of a small cast. David Tennant plays the younger version of Richard, with other parts performed by John Sessions, Arabella Weir, Lewis Macleod and Jane Slavin.


The series was written by Jon Canter, inspired by an unsuccessful pitch by himself and Arabella Weir for a TV show about Richard Wilson, actor and international spy. The radio show is produced by Clive Brill for Pacificus Productions.


For a short synopsis of the programme including a preview clip featuring Richard Wilson, David Tennant and John Sessions visit the Radio 4 programme page


Listen to Believe It! worldwide via this link:


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